May 09, 2018 · Gabriel x Reader Fluff. Experiment 626. TV Shows Supernatural. Adventure Fanfiction Supernatural Child Reader. pairing: bucky barnes x reader. Requested by @kat-the-kit: Or maybe a Lucifer X Reader where Luci is pouting for getting his powers taken away but Reader cheers him up. Enjoy! :D +. supernaturalxreader, sam, gabrielxreader. 411 Words. You scrolled through the contacts before finding Sam's name. Dean became kinda whiney and funny. Dec 19, 2018 · Sweet Oblivion-Sam Winchester x Reader (Pt. Instead of stopping, Joshua just laughed and pushed you on the bed. Language: English Words: 5,651 Chapters: 10/? Comments: 6 Kudos Nov 07, 2021 · Supernatural X Drunk Reader wrote a cute fluffy drunk cuddles story for sam, thought dean needed one too. ” x —————-Castiel: You never once thought that Castiel would have a jealous side. gabrielxreade Nov 07, 2021 · Supernatural X Drunk Reader wrote a cute fluffy drunk cuddles story for sam, thought dean needed one too. You were sitting across the bar in Indianapolis, IN when you saw what would soon change your life. Only Us -Dean Winchester x Reader. Winchester Brothers x Sister!Reader. Free of the two knuckle heads. Your face was buried in you Jun 30, 2015 · Supernatural x Reader Oneshots. If this topic makes you feel uncomfortable, please, read another one of my stories or someone else's. “Baby… I’m so sorry. When 25-year-old Natacha Rambova was interviewed by the film magazine Photoplay in December 1922, the celebrated costume designer was surely thinking of. Now, we cuddle - You come home from a tiring hunt. God, that was getting Oct 22, 2014 · You still remember the time some low-life, drunk frat-boy asked if 'you wanted a ride’… “Back-off, dude…” Dean had growled, quickly shoving the drunk man aside. Cas was just straight Read Never Truly Alone: Winchesters x Abused!Child!Reader from the story Supernatural x Reader's by MidnightMoonlight15 (Middy) with 8,277 reads. Barely getting into the door from a hunt, you were practically (but not really) thrown onto Sam's bed at the motel you were staying at. Sleeping Methods (Sam Winchester x Reader), a supernatural fanfic | FanFiction. Whoops. You didn't usually go drinking alone, but tonight was special you wanted a night free of worry and free of hunting. Frozen Feelings- Square Filled: Movie Night; Dean x Reader. “Hi I would please like to request A smut for Sam please and thank you Could reader be sad about something silly and Sam be drunk and then the smut. Elijah defends Hayley. Nov 14, 2013 · Supernatural X Sick!Reader After blowing your nose for what felt like the 100th time that day, you groaned and reached for you mobile on the bedside table. Chapter 3: Jack Chapter Text. Ari. Work Search: tip: words:100 1 - 20 of 52 Works in Balthazar (Supernatural)/You. Dec 29, 2015 · Comforting Touch Request for D Major A/N: I took out Sam being drunk because it didn’t really fit with the plot. 2 of There Was An Accident…) After the sledding accident, Sam and Dean stay in the hospital with the Reader, waiting for her to wake up. Navigation and Actions. Reader is hurt and angry and her and Hayley fight. Boy, had you been wrong… 176,474 RESULTS. Hi! I reeeeealy love your blog! Can you write a one shot where Sam break up with the reader for some reasons (not her fault) and then one night when she’s drunk to forget him, she take a man at the bunker and Sam get really really jealous and it end in fluff or sad(I don’t mind). At around midnight you heard Dean’s door slam shut, which is when you threw on a big sweater and ran to Sam’s room. Choices - A CYOA Fic - Choices is an interactive Supernatural choose your own adventure story where your choices determine the outcome and whether it's a Dean x Reader or Sam x Reader. Jul 29, 2016 · Crowley x Reader AN: This takes place in the Supernatural episode, “Blade Runners. dean winchester spn imagine dean x reader reader insert dean. Search Works. Would you ever. “I’m the only man [Y/N] is gonna be 'riding’. Nov 07, 2021 · Supernatural X Drunk Reader wrote a cute fluffy drunk cuddles story for sam, thought dean needed one too. Reader is in a lot of pain and asks Sam to take her to the hospital. Collection of (character) x reader stories I want to clean out from my notes. Dr Nov 07, 2021 · Supernatural X Drunk Reader wrote a cute fluffy drunk cuddles story for sam, thought dean needed one too. Follow/Fav Drunken moose Sam x reader. Skinny Love Series (x Reader) [02. Summary: you got drunk together all the time, you made drunk bets with each other all Supernatural x Abused Reader, a supernatural fanfic | FanFiction. Your mom was always too drunk or too high to really ever care for you. Punchin’ Bag -Dean Winchester x Reader Jan 07, 2017 · Pairing: Gabriel x Reader. Drunk!Scotland x Reader. Read Drunk// Dean x reader from the story Supernatural X reader by falloutchemicalphan (Abigail) with 1,639 reads. You're parents were still hounding you about being 'True to who you are' and to continue your training as a witch, but at least you had him. ?” You sat on your bed with your knees drawn up to your chest and your arms wrapped around them. dean, supernatural, crowleyxreader. ” The reader is a demigod daughter of Zeus and a legacy of Pluto. Summary: Human!C Read Drunk Confessions Castiel x reader from the story Supernatural x Reader Oneshots by mhurm123 (Myan) with 11,954 reads. Furthermore, I am not a doctor. Warnings: Crying, nothing bad though :) “Don’t you even think about touching her!” Gabriel barked, covering my frail frame and pulling out his angel blade, the metal making a small noise that was barely audible but sliced through the tension like butter. by Bill Heidrick T. The Winchesters and Garth team up in Supernatural Season 7, Episode 18, and it means getting drunk on a case. Word Count: 655. Series: Honey and Rain. Works; Bookmarks; Filters; RSS Feed Nov 07, 2021 · Supernatural X Drunk Reader wrote a cute fluffy drunk cuddles story for sam, thought dean needed one too. By: And a drunk Sam is always a cute Sam. Supernatural; Relationships: Drunken Bets (Dean x Reader) sparklingcas. Three red and bloody gashes made their way onto your lower back after you acted as bait for some demon the three of you were hunting. Dean’s night out the bar gets a little more interesting when he runs into a girl who might need a little saving. Dec 04, 2021 · Sister!Reader x Winchesters, Reader x Crowley- “The Talk” Supernatural X Sick!Reader. Request: Can u do a dean x reader where the reader is a little over weight and is really self conscious and doesn’t feel good enough for dean? You’d been sitting in your room, which was right next to Dean’s, reading. Jan 04, 2021 · About Supernatural Drunk Reader X . {Castiel X Reader} from the story Supernatural X Reader by OzSupernaturalOz with 16,241 reads. Sam Winchester x Reader (SMUT. And if you think of something else to be mentionned, don’t hesitate to tell me please) #supernatural #dean winchester #jensen ackles #supernatural x reader #supernatural fluff # Get drunk all you want, Y/N. ” Dean stated, his eyes falling to the floor. You never told Jan 18, 2021 · Markiplier x Reader - Relationship; supernatural x reader - Relationship; The Doctor; Dean Winchester; Sam Winchester; 11th Doctor - Character; 10th Doctor; 9th Doctor; 12th Doctor - Character; Summary. Dec 26, 2015 · Supernatural X Reader by iiFallenAngelii F Lucifer tilted his head to the side as he watched wave after tiny wave smack into his toes with great intensity while feeling the grit of the sand under them mixing with the smooth cool of the waters on top. {Castiel X Reader} from the story Supernatural X Reader by OzSupernaturalOz with 16,306 reads. No seriously it was, but then there were shots and then more shots and then more. “This wouldn’t be the first time that you’ve gotten drunk, Dean… and it’s probably not going to be the las-“ “No, [Y/N]…” Dean stopped you mid-sentence. Your words cut off abruptly, making way for the sobs that were wracking your body. After Sam had finished his introduction to Cuthbert, he turned around to face you and Crowley. 18+) Half drunk was certainly how you felt, as well as lonely, disappointed and flustered. About Drunk Reader Supernatural X . Other Information in the begin See a recent post on Tumblr from @tvdspngirl314 about supernatural-x-reader. Request- Hey can u do a Elijah mikaelson x reader where he cheats on her with hayley more than one time and the mikaelson family knows expect kol and davina because she’s their best friend. ” says Dean, going around the car to get Dec 30, 2019 · Supernatural Season 7, Episode 18 recap: Drunk on a case. Words : 3 776. supernatural, texttospeech, cas. Warnings: Fluff! A/N: Ayy!! Happy Sweet Treat Saturday!! I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! . “[Y/N], I got drunk last night. Supernatural tag list: @fanficscuziranout , @taylordrunkonwhiskey, Warning: physical abuse, drunk and abusive father, alcohol, cursing, blood, talks of the injuries, hospitals !. Here’s a look at what Apr 19, 2013 · Ashamed of Me? (Dean x Reader) These last few months being with Dean, had made the rest of your life worth the pain. Dean’s not too happy with your choice of movie for date night, but his reaction tells a different story. For some really weird reason, this prompt popped out at me… and because it's Gabriel. Jan 31, 2014 · Little Bites [Gabriel x Anorexic Male Reader] *A/N: I know there are a lot of anorexic reader-inserts. After losing their mother to a supernatural force, the three were raised by their fath Mar 14, 2016 · Hurt. Take a Drunk Girl Home- Square Filled: Bed Sharing; Dean x Reader. 2 boys in their 20's. Yandere supernatural x reader BartAllenswife. Reader leaves New Orleans but comes back when Kol Jun 28, 2020 · Imagines (x reader): Bucky eats all your Oreos; You have to watch as Zemo triggers the Winter Soldier after only just getting Bucky back. One More? (Dean x Drunk! Reader) It was only going to one drink. ” You laughed with the roll of your eyes. You don't even drink, he just wanted to show you off. Nov 02, 2019 · Pairing : Dean x reader. Warnings : Drunk!reader, drunk!Dean, language, smut, handkink ;) (I always have a hard time writing the warnings so tell me if I did it wrong. 40′s!Bucky Barnes x Rogers!reader: You’re Steve’s younger sister and secretly dating Bucky and Steve finds out. Based on the song, Only Us, from the musical Dear Evan Hansen. Bucky returns home from a mission to you and your newborn baby. Read Drunk. Thank you!! [sorry if there are some mistake, but I’m Nov 02, 2020 · Elijah Mikaelson x Reader. Your abusive boyfriend thankfully was in the bathroom, most likely throwing up the 4 bottles he had

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