It will be updated every time I upload a scenario. Johnny: I feel like Johnny would be more of a mood thing. nct 127 nct u nct 127 scenarios nct 127 reactions nct u scenarios nct u reactions lee taeyong nct angst. anonymous requested: hey beautiful, what about nct 127 + jisung lucas jaemin renjun reacting to YOU CHEATING ON THEM (i know why would someone cheat on them but im really curious to see them in this situation lol) masterlist. (hard to find such a specific gif ya know) pairing: mark x renjun x jeno x jaemin x haechan x reader. klee888 liked this NCT Scenarios. _Eliaaaahh. Ever since then,you went there everyday for a whole year,not to confess or to ask him for his MASTERLIST. Soonyoung- The Dead One. You crossed your arms. Jan 12, 2016 · BTS REACTIONS. You Get Into a Fight - NCT + WayV. Winwin: *can’t get his eyes off you* Originally posted by china-lines. ”. Sicheng (winwin) was sad to say the least. “I know he will, but have you ever dealt with a whiny #nct #nct 127 #nct u #nct dream #nct ten #nct taeil #nct taeyong #nct jisung #nct jaemin #nct jeno #nct jaehyun #nct johnny #nct haechan #nct hansol #nct yuta #nct kun #nct winwin #nct renjun #nct chenle #nct doyoung #nct mark #nct imagines #nct scenarios #mark imagines #mark angst #i think this is angst #kpop #kpop imagines nct scenarios nct imagines nct dream scenarios nct dream imagines nct 127 scenarios nct 127 imagines nct u scenarios nct u imagines wayv scenarios wayv imagines. also if you were okay with it he would totally fiddle w the ring Themes: Angst, established relationship. So when Reader walks in on him cheating, she sees the dreamies and asks if they knew. Jun 13, 2018 · NCT text scenarios — Masterlist. But now that was not the case. You Say 'I Love You' for the First Time - NCT Dream. Last Updated 12/13/2021. You met him at a coffee bar for the first time where you fell for him when he smiled at you at the counter,asking you which drink you wanted to place an order for. warnings: mentions of cheating, mild cussing. lee donghyuck. Changbin. Twice. Also, I’m planning to write two Jeno scenarios: one prompted and one from my own idea. Originally posted by cosmicgxys. Kim Namjoon : You walked into his office with a lot of Ryan’s merchandise, you won them from the amusement park game and you wanted Namjoon to have them. you Explanation of NCT U’s “The 7th Sense” After reading how deep the lyrics are and listening to the creepy instrumental that includes bombs, gunshots, doors opening, knocking, yawning, voices and other creepy noises, I searched the internet to find some information on it. A. . Reactions/Scenarios (BigBang) Bigbang Reacting To You In The Hospital. But if he was jealous, he’d definitely make sure you knew. the one where he experiences the early stages of young love; a series. They asked a whole bunch of questions but one, in particular, stuck with you the most. You rolled your eyes, pecking him on the cheek and then hooking your arm around his, pulling him out the door. Time 5h 59m. I’m currently trying to finish a Jaehyun scenario (I got the idea from a prompt). First Date - NCT Dream. “Im her daddy,” jaehyun points to himself, “you’re her dad, not her daddy. “. They will also probably be making macaroons because lord that is the most frustrating thing to bake. ~ You buying food after breaking something ♡. ~ When They Have A Crush ♡. You're Sick - NCT + WayV. See a recent post on Tumblr from @sevenstay about nct-scenarios. we have lots of things happening our lives and so not only have none of us spoken in ages, we also just don’t write here often. NCT 127′s MBTI Types Disclaimer: I am in no way an expert. nct 127 reaction to you dancing when you think nobody is watching. “Don’t worry honey, he’s your twin, he’ll forgive you” he cooed. one rules two masterlist three admins texting nct ♡ Warnings: hints at cheating Word Count: 1. These are just my personal opinions of each member, along with what I have seen on other MBTI blogs~ Taeyong: ISFP Taeil: He slowly crawls over to the mirror and leans against it. NCT in a Haunted House. Straykids. I read allyour ship so don’t worry :). “I. But it wasn’t that easy when Johnny seemed to alwa Aug 26, 2021 · NCT Lucas' Instagram. 1. Your father looks at you with his jaw dropped. Pinned Post nct au nct imagines nct ot21 nct smut nct x reader nct nct 127 nct scenarios wayv wayv smut. His reaction to you sitting on his lap depends on where the two of you are like whats the setting. ii. #3: you losing your bikini while swimming in their private beach. May 05. i should’ve thought twice before posting that fic because it is definitely disrespectful and i genuinely have absolutely no excuse, i feel really guilty and most importantly i’d really like to Jul 16, 2018 · Making out with Day6 Jae. loves how big your eyes look as you look up at him from the ground. cheating case just become a murder case. THEY Confess to You - NCT Dream (Bad Boy vers. Angst. the once lively apartment is now empty, practically a ghost-house. misc: ˗ˏˋ nct dream ˎˊ˗ ↳ 2018 halloween special - a collection of spooky scenarios ↳ the clash of two worlds - text au (on Type: Scenario Genre: Angst - Fluff Pairing: Yuta x Reader Word Count: 1. This is the first time I am doing this, but here is the blogs that I am handling - basically a masterpost! TBR AGENCY: a fictional agency which consist of three groups but only one of them are active, basically NCT & Got7 au/scenarios/imagines (status : currently inactive, well slightly) Originally posted by bunyng. Age: 27 (Korean age). May 25, 2021 · @nct-writers @neowritingsnet @kafenetwork @czennienet @elysianahhh 215 notes May 25, 2021 #nct imagines #nct scenarios #nct drabbles #nct angst #nct smut #nct dream scenarios #nct dream imagines #nct dream fluff #jaemin scenarios #jaemin imagines #jaemin fluff #jaemin smut #nct fanfics #nct reactions #nct dream reactions #nct-writers # Reactions & Scenarios: Their S/O Forgives Them for Cheating. cheating. #nct drabble #nct imagines #nct fluff #nct angst #nct drabbles #nct imagine #nct 127 imagines #nct 127 scenarios #doyoung #nct #Doyoung imagine #doyoung fluff #nct 127 drabble #doyoung drabble #doyoung angst More you might like nct scenarios nct x reader nct reactions nct smut nct imagines nct jaemin imagines nct jaehyun nct jaehyun smut Cheating involved. 4k. a/n: jusT REALIZED HOW HARD IT IS TO make different scenarios for each member. scenarios with you and x member (requests with only 1 member) i. ” He hears Dwayne groan, and as if a switch was flipped, he slams open the door like that one Big Bird video. • the quiet couple in front of everyone else. Word count: 5 582 (does this even count as a reaction anymore?? lmao) Warnings: lots of crying (obviously), swearing, slightly suggestive themes in Yeosang’s reaction, also Mingi gets waaay into his head, and it’s just frustrating to read. cheating on taeyong and Oct 18, 2020 · individual members. He’d never physically hurt you, god no, and he’d never try to intimidate you. READ HERE. This is just for entertainment purposes and i could be totally wrong about their preferences. ” you shrug and take the salt from jaehyun. May 19, 2019 · SCENARIO: going to rock band concert with johnny please 💚 (he likes coldplay so it can be coldplay concert thank you) • WORDS: 1500+. “I will miss you too, Jeno. P Reacting to spending time with you while away on tour (Vixx Apr 26, 2018 · Imagine getting into a heated argument with Jaehyun. NCT concepts and bullet bonus if you’re focusing on HIM, like shaving stray hair on his chin/above his lips or inspecting his fingers or untying a dead knot on his jacket. both walk out alive. jeno walks into every lonely room and does a double take. Short Imagines. send requests! You start to worry he’s cheating on you but don’t want to bring it up. Request: heey :) could you please do a husband!taeyong? i loved the one with yuta. asking ten, yuta, and johnny to buy you tampons. NCT Reaction to you being pregnant [Part 2] NCT Reaction to moving in together. It’s the first time you’ve been able to perform with your boyfriend - and his members - and you loved every second of it. His trophy was the boost of ego he got from winning, yours was seeing the bright smile on his face. Taeyong. You're Crying - NCT + WayV. Im gonna make you pretty You booped his nose and sat next to him on the couch. Dec 28, 2018 · “Fuck, you’re so tight– Ohh, now you’re so loose. I. genre: fluff. NCT U+ NCT 127 Reaction when they are cheating on you but they regret it (Quando eles estão te traindo mas se arrependem) Think about my babies cheating on you hurt my heart! ~Adm Rabbit~. Your father yells causing Apr 25, 2016 · after finally debuting, ten’s schedule would be so packed he would barely have any time for you. text post. leaves a trail of wet kisses along your spine wow. #5: seeing a foreigner with a medusa hiii. Lucas, member of K-pop group NCT, apologized Wednesday, August 25, after several online posts from supposed romantic partners accused him of cheating and gaslighting You mumble. nct dream reaction to you waking up from a nightmare. May 14, 2021 · Started 5/14/2021. 2 k Summary: It’s a harsh feeling, to realize that the right people who come at the wrong time are still the wrong people. ~ You wanting a unique pet [ Part 1] [ Part 2] ~ You sighing in front of them ♡. However, you could tell May 11, 2018 · NCT - Natal Chart Taeil - June 14, 1994 Sun - Gemini Moon - Leo Mercury - Cancer Venus - Cancer Mars - Taurus Jupiter - Scorpio Saturn - Pisces Uranus - Capricorn Neptune - Capricorn Pluto - Jun 20, 2018 · royalty!au, angst, fluff, magic powers for like one second lmfao, JENO IS A CHEATING BASTARD BUT IT WORKS OUT TRUST ME- you and jeno were childhood friends, but 6 years of separation, a sudden return, and the threat of an invasion throws everything out of balance. Originally posted by br1ankang. 7 notes. baejso. Apr 10, 2017 · Pulling you into another room, he’d enclose you into a tight hug and whispering into your neck to never leave him. johnny seo johnny johnny seo nct nct127 nct 127 nct johnny johnny scenarios nct tucks your hair behind your ears so lovingly ugh kill me now. the one where you’re in love with your roommate, and you think he’s in love with someone else. Nct 127. im planning on making one with dream nd wayv as well :) i hope the way i write in past tense doesn’t confuse yall. “Now, please, let’s go. #4: the media saying that you (their sister) are possibly dating them because you guys went out for a coffee. 209 notes. The controversy resulted in the suspension of the release of Lucas and WayV member Hendery’s single “Jalapeño POV : It was an amazing afternoon,the sun was about to set and you were mesmerized by the beauty of someone you had met for the first time. You Call Him Oppa - NCT 127. Jun 16, 2018 · nct 127 + jisung, lucas, jaemin & renjun reacting to you cheating on them. out of the blue, you hug and kiss him. Nct 127: (member) accidently cheating on you while he was drunk (slight bit of angst, I’m not that good at it so I hope that it’s okay) (Cheating is bad, please don’t cheat on your partner and I’m not trying to romanticize anything since it’s disgusting) -The moment he realized that he cheated on you was shocking to Apr 05, 2021 · Here is a MTL for ATEEZ, on who is most likely and least likely to spontaneously give you a gift. ~ “can you tie my hair” ♡. — some stories will have smut so minors, read at your own risk. Mentions of cheating and being beaten up. • but when you two are alone you guys laugh like, 25/8. finds it attractive when you’re supportive of him. Nov 18, 2018 · Taeil. A very soft (daddy) dom. ~ They talk behind your back [ Part 2] (MAW) Dec 06, 2020 · NCT step on me. Imagines shopping with 00 liners. Jeno then cupped my cheeks, leaned in, a gave me a small peck on my lips. he’s just like “wow” and will literally be in a trance. A/N: this is part two of lose you to love me I hope you like this, I literally wrote this in five hours lmao, have fun reading and don’t forget to listen to feel me by Selena Gomez! taglist: @fluffyjaes @m1na4u @cosmiclatte28 Jun 13, 2019 · #sunflower masterlist #sunflower series #donghyuck #lee donghyuck #haechan #nct #nct donghyuck #nct haechan #nct 127 #nct dream #nct au #nct scenarios #nct imagines #nct sns au #nct instagram #nct texts #nct fluff #nct angst #nct social media au #kpop #donghyuck scenario #donghyuck imagines #haechan scenario #haechan imagines #kpop imagine # Aug 13, 2017 · NCT 127 ideal types A/N I do not own any of the gifs nor is my opinion a fact. The other cheating scenarios can be found here (I have a Kyungsoo one coming up relatively soon as well): Sehun, Kai ~. words: 1. Imagine Jisung helping you learn Korean. “Hyung!”. N. Nct Dream. B. Taeil: *Serenades* Y/N please back to me, i made a mistake i really love you!~ // *Faz uma serenata* S/N por favor volte para mim, eu cometi um erro eu Jun 12, 2017 · Posted on Monday, June 12th ( 4 years ago ) Indexed: #nct scenarios #nct imagines #jaehyun imagines #jaehyun scenarios #nct reactions #nct drabbles #nct scenario #jaehyun scenario #nct imagine #jaehyun imagine #nct reaction #nct drabble #jaehyun drabble #jaehyun drabbles #yoonoh #jung yoonoh #jung jaehyun #nct #drabbles #scenarios May 03, 2020 · Hiya! I’d like to request an angst scenario but I’m not too sure for which dream member 😅 Dream member is cheating on reader and the other dreamies know he cheating but they don’t say anything to reader even tho they disapprove of his actions. nct dream reaction to having a cuddly s/o. Nct 2018 Dec 30, 2021 · The 22-year-old NCT/WayV’s Lucas was accused of not just being involved in different romantic relationships with a number of his female fans in China as well as in Korea. 446 notes Oct 3rd, 2020. Climbing into the driver’s seat, Donghyuck reached for the radio before you slapped his hand away. You knew people who’s partner cheated on them, but you never expected it to happen to you. Both of them are also accused of other bad behaviors like cheating, taking advantage of, criticizing televisions shows, their girlfriends, and more. ~ You being emotional on your period ♡. — all the stories stated below are from my drafts for a nct 127 reaction: another member likes you. ~ Them doing a hickey prank and it going to far ☾. The face you made at him, it wasn’t leaving his head. Dec 07, 2021 · About Nct scenarios cheating . coolboxofcandy: There it is! All videos of our pure boy together! . Warnings : Curse words / cheating . Drabble request is OPEN. (Blurb) Taeil had loved you ever since he saw you first walk into his life, more than three years ago. a while ago i posted a fic that included chanyeol cheating and now that ive thought about it it’s definitely disrespectful towards all the rumors that have hurt him, exo, and exo-ls. Lucas, a Hong Kong-born member of K-pop boy group NCT, has put his musical activities on hold after online users who Jan 18, 2019 · I do scenarios, series, & drabbles in bullet point form and reactions! ⊵ My Rules Request List Links! ⇒ Series ⇒ NCT Reactions ⇒ Drabbles Scenarios Last updated: January 18, 2019 Popular = Mar 06, 2021 · nct dream reaction to you flinching during an argument. “Y/N, thank god,” she sighed. She accused the singer of being unfaithful in their relationship Jul 19, 2017 — Request: Angsty NCT 127 reaction to when y/n finds they've been cheating the entire relationship and that she wasn't even the main chick but . Jul 09, 2021 · when it’s late and you surprise him at work and then you go back to the house that the two of you share and have a bed talk; fluff Nct cheating scenarios -->. “I’m sorry I’m so clingy and annoying, I just love you so much. Ongoing, First published Oct 16, 2016. Halloween theme because good to me (l. Rose` Lisa. series. Genre: angst. Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3. Dec 05, 2018 · I’m so happy!! I got really nice feedback and almost 200 notes on my NCT dream boyfriend imagine. You always thought that Yuta only had eyes for you. #2: you dying in a car crash while they were cheating on you. cheating, child rejection dont be a ghost reader >:T mark lee smut mark lee scenarios mark lee x reader mark lee dbteasers mark lee angst mark lee imagines mark lee fluff mark lee x you mark lee au mark lee fic mark lee imagine mark lee fanfic mark lee x y/n mark lee drabbles lemon nct smut nct x reader nct scenarios nct fanfic nct imagines nct au IM SORRYYYYY I've Oct 25, 2019 · EXO on ‘Cheaters’ (Introductory Interview) Byun Baekhyun:. 5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. May 08, 2020 · NCT Reaction to their s/o being cute/sweet. May 29, 2016 · Request: Could you do a scenario where nct were filming a show and suddenly they saw a really pretty girl. but if you were okay to the idea he’d love to get you a promise ring. Jaehyun’s texts were all the same… apologies, confusion. Scenario request is OPEN. request: mark, renjun, jeno, jaemin, haechan, and reader fluff. Sana. He's a Yandere for You - NCT 127. Discover more posts about nct-scenarios. when it’s late and you surprise him at work and then you go back to the house that the two of you share and have a bed talk; fluff. little did they know that they’d encounter such private matters today; like literally they were right outside his door. Johnny and Ten: Johnny had to drag Ten inside. Jun 11, 2020 · nct jaemin na jaemin nct 2021 nct dream jaemin fluff na jaemin fluff nct dream scenarios nct fluff nct dream fluff MY STORIES nct x I found out she was cheating May 14, 2017 · For my One Year Anniversary Requests masterlist, go here. Mark Lee is like your number one supporter fan. Your father sighs and sets his utensils down. Taeyong: *uses aegyo to get your attention* Originally posted by t-yong. A/N: I will be putting WinWin in the WayV reactions. nct dream reaction to you being fragile but competitive. Confessing to Their Crush While Drunk. Lucas, a Hong Kong-born member of K-pop boy group NCT, has put his musical activities on hold after online users who How would NCT be in bed (Legal members) Ask: I really liked your “what bap would be like in bed” post soooooo could you do it for nct? (only the legal members ofc) Johnny: Originally posted by pawjohnny-archive. Sep 09, 2020 · NCT 127 Reaction - Baking With Them. Hey guys! I finally made a masterlist! I hope you guys enjoy! NCT 127. Ongoing. He will be helping to the best of his ability and try to Jan 30, 2018 · Nct and your group were scheduled to go on a show together but sadly your group had to cancel due to a lot of the members falling very ill. — everything in here are purposely only for entertainment purposes and is fiction. Yuta would be so scary and mad when he’s jealous. “I will miss every part of you. Oct 31, 2018 · nct cleaning doesn’t even clean: yuta, lucas, taeil cleans for like 3 minutes before giving up: renjun, ten, johnny, jaehyun, doyoung finds something while cleaning and plays with it instead: Jul 30, 2021 · Ateez reaction to making you cry / you making them cry during an argument. So he deadass picks you up bridal-style and walks out the door. You Catch Him Staring at You + He Catches You Staring at Him - NCT + WayV. When Love Hurts - Taeil. He shut his eyes and leaned against the glass, before bringing his knees to his chest and pressing his hands to his face. nct reactions nct imagine nct fanfic nct scenarios NCT 127 reactions nct 127 mafia au nct 127 imagine nct 127 fluff nct Jan 25, 2022 · NCT 127 Grand Prize (Daesang) SMA 2021: I think all our members, Dream, 127, Wayv and NCT 2021 being together made 2021 a brighter year for us. 2. 18 notes Jul 26th, 2021. jn) pairing: jeno x gn!reader. “Y/N I’m finally back~” Chenle lazily said, letting his bag slide down his arm, and stretching his arms out for you so come over and hug him. warnings: mentions of cheating, swearing, alcohol consumption, mention of sex word count: 3,7k. Taeil and Hansol: pushes each other on who walks up front. dating nct hansol!!!1!!! • hansol’s pretty quiet. Sep 6, 2017 — how lucky i was to have Jaehyun. #nct #nct u #but where is winwin?? #nct 127 #nct taeil #nct johnny #nct taeyong #nct yuta #nct winwin #nct jaehyun #nct mark #nct haechan #nct jungwoo #nct doyoung #nct dream #nct scenario #nct 127 scenarios #nct 127 texts #exo #red velvet #smtown #aespa #superm Aug 26, 2021 · NCT member Lucas goes on hiatus following gaslighting, cheating scandal. “WHAT THE FUCK IS–” The two men separate from each other, letting Yuta get a good look at the man Dwayne was cheating on him with. |Your first love shattered your heart to the point where you’re still hurting six years later. you were Oct 19, 2021 · s3nd nct p1cs. #1: you (their girlfriend) crying over the run mv. Nct cheating scenarios. bg_appreciation. Originally posted by blondebrainpower. warnings: mention of shooting (angry yuta), swearing 𖧧࣪⠀⌗ — TAEIL! was literally furious. The laugh you made when you saw him with that girl, it kept ringing in his ears. Scenarios: This is the most updated masterlist. NCT text scenarios Sep 07, 2020 · Requested by anon: Hii!Can I request a 2PM Taecyeon arranged marriage angst-fluff scenario where he already had an evil girlfriend and he’s cold to you somehow when you are so kind to him, then when you can’t take it any longer, you left and he started to miss you and realize that his girlfriend is cheating on him,,, fluff ending hehehe! Dec 20, 2019 · Tagged as nct nct 127 nct scenarios nct 127 scenarios jaehyun jaehyun scenarios jung jaehyun jung jaehyun scenarios yoonoh scenarios jung yoonoh scenarios nct jaehyun nct jaehyun scenarios nct 127 jaehyun jaehyun fluff jaehyun angst jaehyun blurbs nct blurbs nct 127 blurbs. all of the admins have fallen off together. bunch Jung Jaehyun imagines and preferences? 🌼💛. Mar 27, 2018 · ↳ nct dream reaction to their best friend coming out as bisexual ˗ˏˋ nct u ˎˊ˗ ↳ reaction to another artist dedicating a love song to you ˗ˏˋ nct 2018 ˎˊ˗ ↳ reaction to your old self-harm scars. those prompts are so angsty ksjfnejkn,,, what about 31 with doyoung 👀 31. BAEJSO PRESENTS; 【 BACK TO SCHOOL 】 — a new series that consists of random chosen members. NCT Reaction to someone flirting with them when you're their s/o. • you guys speak satoori w each other a lot and everyone in the group thinks it’s super funny and entertaining. 5 hours, 59 minutes 5h 59m. nct dream reaction to their s/o having a child from a past relationship. Moon Taeil ~. NCT Reaction to buying their child a cat. Rewriting the Past, 11 parts. And the center of it all is the detective Dec 08, 2021 · nct drabbles hyej4e fics nct imagines nct scenarios nct nct angst nct fluff nct dream fluff nct dream imagines nct dream fanfic nct dream fic nct smut nct dream scenarios nct dream smut nct dream nct dream angst — !¡ hye’s collection jaemin scenarios jeno scenarios jisung scenarios chenle scenarios renjun scenarios Aug 26, 2017 · NCT reaction to you finding out that they only started dating you because of a bet. Selca ships request is OPEN. Mark: Is she even real? Originally posted by kimbaprolls. “Luffy from One Piece? May 21, 2021 · Parkmejeon004’s Nct Masterlist —. he Scenarios doesn’t represent the real Yuta Nakamoto or even other NCT members. TAEIL: Taeil would feel so betrayed when he found out Doyoung has a crush on you. nct nct 127 nct imagines nct reactions nct scenarios nct 127 scenarios nct 127 Oct 05, 2018 · Restrained- NCT Taeyong (Mafia AU) Part 4 Hi everyone! Here is the fourth part of Restrained! I have decided to make 5 parts to this scenario :) In the next part you’ll get a little sneak peak about which member will be posted next! Feb 09, 2021 · jisung - if he did think about promise rings he would either 1) not ask about it at all, or 2) ask but be an embarrassed mess, because he’s kind of like mark in the way where he’s nervous to make a move. Jungwoo gasped. But you weren’t ready to hear his voice yet. You met him on the track and quickly became acquainted with his gang, 127. It was a beautiful day in early spring, flowers were starting to bloom from everywhere, birds were chirping loudly and the still timid sun beamed warm beams onto the grass were you were sitting, waiting for Jae to join you for a picknick. Apr 06, 2021 · k. I made the decision to turn this into an nct blog as I’ve recently begun stanning nct super intensely and they’ve quickly become my second bias group (the first being exo ofc). NCT nct scenarios nct u nct 127 nct 2018 nct jaehyun jaehyun nct incorrect quotes nct imagines kpop scenarios kpop imagines. got scared, but had no major problem. What went wrong? Feb 01, 2019 · [12:54] “so you really don’t believe me huh?” doyoung asks, picking up glass shards from the vase you threw. You were out in the cold with your brother one day, trying to enjoy the time off from being an idol - if only for a little while - when you saw someone you thought you recognized. your blog is amazing aha bye my third husband request hehe and it’s been long since i did a taeyong scenario so this is perfect!! i remember he was my first bias and now idek where he is in my bias list im sorry taeyong ily but maybe check out boyfriend taeyong first? i’d die for husband! taeyong because he Aug 06, 2016 · nct imagine nct scenario nct jaehyun imagine taeyong imagine yuta imagine winwin imagine johnny imagine hansol imagine taeil imagine i'm sorry if i didn't include markhyuck!! i ran out of ways of how to accidentally call them hot omg plus i personally don't really see them as hot or at least i try not to heh Aug 25, 2021 · NCT Lucas was first accused of cheating and gaslighting by a social media user who introduced herself as his former girlfriend. kimsoyounaerin:. #cznnet #kdiner #nct 127 #nct dream #wayv #nct u #jung jaehyun #jaehyun fluff #dad!jaehyun #nct parents #jaehyun dad au #nct 127 fluff #nct scenarios #nct drabbles #nct blurbs #nct imagines #nct timestamps #moon taeil #johnny suh #lee taeyong #kim doyoung #nakamoto yuta #kim jungwoo #mark lee #lee haechan #na jaemin #lee jeno #zhong chenle #ten Oct 16, 2016 · Parts 134. you dying in a car crash while they were cheating on you. whenever he posts a selfie or a chenji this and that or a cover, he likes it when i’m not one for long messages of i’m sorry’s and explanations that aren’t needed, so i’ll simply just be straightforward and blunt. I’ve also made the decision to turn this account into an exo and nct scenarios blog (I may also start doing fake texts as I love reading them lmao). So they replaced your group with a rookie boy group. NCT Scenarios. Sep 28, 2018 · Dream In A Dream - NCT Dream OT7. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. Jun 04, 2018 · NCT Jisung - Short Scenario: “because… because it’s you!” ~Fluffy~ Hey guys this is just a NCT Dream’s Jisung fluffy short scenario. I speak from experience. Time. Jul 18, 2017 · Well, idk what came over me when I wrote this. 4NL. Nct U. “Jaehyun you have 5 seconds to run because you’re a dead man!”. All Members. he glances over all the bare walls and takes in the stale color of the paint you’d A few days had passed, dozens of calls and texts from Miyoung and Jaehyun bombarding your phone. ” Doyoung gave you a letter in school, a bright smile on his face as he did. Jaehyun: gif says it all… nct scenarios mark scenarios mark lee scenarios mak lee aus nct au mark lee au mark lee time stamps. You were sitting on your bed, your left hand rubbing on your dizzy head while the right hand held your fifth drink of wine that night, staring at the empty space next to you, you felt a tear drop, streaming down your cheek. NCT DREAM REACTION a subpar guide to nct dream. Yuta- Today was an overall good day… until you went to the dorms and the Dreamies kept bothering you and Yuta. Tell me the genre Angst, Fluff (or Both) 3. Imagine NCT as high school students (OT18) Part 1, Part 2. whispers praise in your ear and how good you look from behind. NCT Reaction to their s/o being insecure about their braces. bites your shoulders and growls in your ears too. summary: what better way to congratulate your hard working boyfriends than to invite them over for wine and dinner. Feb 26, 2018 · NCT. Nct dream reaction to making out. takes you from behind too. taeil. Originally posted by bubwoo. Aug 25, 2021 · BREAKING- NCT’s Lucas admits to cheating on many girlfriends, Announcement to suspending working! After Lucas’ alleged ex-girlfriend claimed the idol member gas lit her and leeched money off of her, 2 more netizens came forward to accuse him of similar behavior. “Kiss me first,” he said, smirking. You Keep Hanging Out with Another Member - NCT Dream. He said. He instantly gave into the kiss, holding you tight and squeezing your waist a couple of times before pulling away. Dec 19, 2019 · nct dream react to you being shipped with another member R E N J U N “Have you watched our SM Station yet?” You excitedly ask Renjun. you and doyoung have been married for three months. Of course, they love you now but Ya know. i recently saw that embryo decided to resign and i felt that it was my turn to a blog for nct texts & scenarios! requests closed! rules & mobile masterlist. Aug 26, 2021 · NCT member Lucas goes on hiatus following gaslighting, cheating scandal

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