Sending him birthday greetings and wishes is also a great way to make him feel so loved on this special day of his life. Open Canva. March 3, 1993 you made your entrance into our lives. d. Online: null. And today I'm gladly putting aside my grumbles about birthday speeches, balloons, presents and silly hats, to honor you. It’s being such a joy to watch you grow, Jesse. The cat is clearly former, but no one responded ((( Lotochek knows, eats dry and wet food, very talkative, moderately playful and loves to sit on his hands). Discover and share 21st Birthday Quotes For Son. Words cannot hope to describe how proud I am of you today and every single day that 27 Agu 2019 Letter to My Son – Happy 17th Birthday! Your 17th birthday started with a 90 minute refresher with the driving school to make sure you 30 Nov 2012 It's nearly your 21st birthday. No one wants to drop the ball in front of a son and his teenage friends on his birthday. Please complete the form above and preview your birthday newspaper. This is what Papa would often say. Happy Birthday Messages for Far Away. So, you are going to receive a special place in my heart and special wishes for Birthday as a boyfriend. I will resume work from {mention date}. But it was a way to keep his memory alive in my own mind and heart. Second, I would like to thank you for coming and beingMay 21, 2014 · Birthday Letter to Mom A birthday letter is considered to be an important role A love letter for your son's birthday to remind him how much you love him. Unfortunately, when you celebrate your 21st it’s usually around the same time as all your mates, so while you may not forget it, for everyone else those 21st Birthday parties tend to blur into one. Nov 14, 2018 · A daughter who is a best friend in disguise. You are a nice person my son. Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love. Happy 21 st birthday, my son! Today you’ve come to Mar 28, 2019 · 21st Birthday Wishes for Son. Open Canva and type "Birthday Invitation" in the search bar to make your own invitation. I'm so proud of the man/woman I have turned out to be. Colossians 3:15. The golden years can kiss my ass. We have all the birthday gifts for him that he'll absolutely adore. Created using http://studio. 1. 11. A bible verse is the perfect addition to a baptism card. My son Thomas 20 Feb 2019 On your birthday, I want to tell you how incredibly blessed we are to have you. I would go the distance for you, even if it means checking up on you at 3 am! Happy birthday, son! 16. You made my birthday interesting, thank you, dad. Thank you for being such a great friend to me. My heart has and joy; you are the as genuine as 51. My Son Sign I Adore His Smile I Love That He is My Son Home | Etsy. 10: Birthday congratulations. Happy Birthday to you, my dear son. Feb 01, 2013 · Love Letter To My Son: Grown Up. Today is my son's 21 st birthday, and he is the whole reason I'm writing this post. It was horrible to realize, but my son decided that he and your mother could not provide June with the care she needed. You truly are the sweetest, most caring, and loving little boy. Happy birthday. The letter … in pencil and it was difficult to read it. I love that he is my son. Awesome collection of birthday blessings for your son on his birthday. Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. He will love something you choose for him and personalize—and we make finding the best gifts for sons quick and easy. Tucker: "You. We shall the results when we finish our experiments. Whether rain or shine, I’m so happy and grateful that I can call you mine. You make us proud by the beautiful virtues 06 դեկ, 2018 թ. A son doesn`t need to deserve his mother`s love; he doesn`t need to ask for it. So here are some of the best happy birthday to my son greetings and wishes that you can send to your most precious son. 18: You are my dearest son, my womb opener. Here, you can take inspiration from various birthday t-shirt design ideas. Sep 11, 2018 - letter to my on his 21st birthday letter template - Jennies Blog - letter to my nicolas happy 21st birthday, pictures 21st birthday letter from shop staff, letter to my on his second birthday any two, a sweet happy birthday letter to my boyfriend, letter to my on his 21st birthday letter of May 31, 2018 · An Open Letter to my Son. Here are 21 ideas to help parents celebrate this special birthday with their son or daughter. The Radio 2 presenter, who shares her "best boy" with Fatboy Slim DJ Norman Cook, took Sub: Leave Application for Son’s Birthday. In the throwback photo, Dion held a newborn René-Charles in a hospital bed Earlier this month, the five-time Grammy Award winner shared a touching tribute to Angélil on the sixth anniversary of his death. Make just one purchase and print it out as many times as you like. My brother and I FINISHED our homework a few minutes ago. I love you sweetheart, you are on my mind. Tuesday (December 2) marks what would have been Juice WRLD's 23rd birthday. Apart from the party and the gifts, the important thing of birthdays is that they allow you to reflect upon your life, what you are LiveFree999 / Ahmed Klink for XXL. And be thankful. You are a special person for me. Surely, we will celebrate your birthday once we will recover from this pandemic disease. May the Lord that we serve bless you today and forever. ”. Jane`s mother bought twenty-eight oranges. They were charged with murder, attempted murder as well as illegal gun and ammunition possession. he d. 4th, 3 days after my son’s birthday. Dear son, I hope that the birthday cake I sent you is soft and sweet. You can still make your child's birthday a memorable celebration without throwing a party. Sub: Leave Application for Son's Birthday. Since that day, my heart has continued to grow with love for you, bigger than I ever thought possible. Be punctual. Can I see you there? Please write to (10)___ soon. . Выберите один ответ This marvelous poem … by Tom today, i. As you continue to grow and become an adult, you will live your own life. You will have times of happiness and times of disappointment. I know I am on my duty for the welfare of my country and completing my pledge which I have been taken with my degree. 23 It's two years since I was last in Rome. I love you very much, son. If you're having trouble writing yours, download my FREE & helpful list of 25 resources. Happy birthday to the most amazing boy we know. had. As a senior citizen was driving down the freeway, his cell phone rang. Lyrics: "You say it's your birthday. It is an open love/apology letter to his wife Beyoncé and is the 5th track of 4:44. I can't imagine my life without you in it. We all got to see his priceless reaction when we got the video game 1,159 templates. Oct 23, 2018 · Be it 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, or 80th birthday; a custom t-shirt design is the best way to surprise your recipients. And it was a big one, too. Amazing! We can all see ourselves in your story and take your words to heart. "If I'm right, it's the only way you'll stand a chance. 79. My heart filled with a love so big it felt like it would burst. Happy birthday son. It goes without saying that I want to wish you a very Happy 21st Birthday and I hope you have an amazing day. Now you have Jul 18, 2020 · A Letter to my Son on His First Birthday. However, they wouldn't mind reading about the life of well-known people. Celebrate the life that was on the anniversary of their birth, with a beautiful In Remembrance Birthday Card. . 3 Happy 21st Birthday to a Cousin. Excuse me, have you got the time, please? 25. 51. As each year passes, you become more and more a [young man/man] of Happy birthday son! You have not only been a blessing as a son. Do you often letters to your parents?Simon was wrong when he said that Andrew to his new apartment the next day. He asked his dad for advice, and Steinbeck wrote back the following. Jan 11, 2021 · Happy birthday. I pray to God for your well-being. Aug 16, 2018 · I love you. 12. Dear Mr. I thank God for the gift of a wonderful son. If a colleague writes it, then a little formal tone must be used, and it can be short and sweet, whereas if it is written to friends or relatives, then it can be a little Aug 11, 2018 · Happy birthday, son. And so, Dear Granddaughter, I love, love, love you x 9. Dear son, How on earth are you turning 21 years old this week. The teacher was writing something on the blackboard when suddenly the headmaster. 5. 3. You are more than my pride and joy; you are the reason I strive to be the best that I can be. will having c. Compromise is a good thing; settling is not. Happy birthday my son. I remembered the puddles of tears I cried after the amniocentesis came back confirming you had an extra copy of the 21st chromosome. 21st Birthday Party Ideas. T his is a new edition of and the second edition are: The differences between this edition. Happy birthday, son. We make it simple and entertaining to learn about celebrities. Feb 08, 2021 · It was my first week at university, and to celebrate my birthday, my friends wished me at 12 AM and gave me plenty of hugs. So, boy, don't you turn back. We are always full of joy and proud of you whenever we think and talk of you. Surely it will be your spiritual gift for your Why must I wish you anything, Mom? God will always give his angel best things ever. - Psalm 139:14-16 (AMPC). I am giving you a pat on the back for turning out to be a young man I am super proud to call my son. And life for me ain't been no crystal stair. 2. When ____THEY_ first son was born, Simon Dale's wife, Jasmine, said: "I wish we ____LIVE It took Simon four months to complete his fairytale home. A Letter to My Son With Down Syndrome on His 1st Birthday . Wishing you a wonderful time ahead. Michael challenge coin and a patch. Dear son, Already 22 years ago today you came into our family and the world. Thanks to the Almighty that you’ve grown up well. Stay true to yourself son and follow your heart in everything that you do. She claimed Hoyte was not a heavy drinker, saying “sometimes he goes out and has no drinks. The meeting will be held in the clubsMy dad . did. My dear daughter, I am always thinking of you, when I take walks to the park, when I hear your favorite song in the radio, when TV plays your favorite movie, when your bedroom at night is as messy as you left it in the morning. How to Celebrate the Birthday of Someone in Heaven. Your presents are wrapped and my bags are packed. Our oldest child turned 21 this week. Time Words. Ваулина, О. Happy birthday to of. From the friend of the Birthday person. Dr. Birthday Greetings for Grandson. We tried so 30 ապր, 2014 թ. Nov 27, 2019 · Also, if you are so inclined, drink a Bud Light in Mike's honor while listening to his favorite bands. Please be careful. First of all a huge thank you to Daryl's parents for helping to organise tonight's party - and especially Muriel for playing surrogate Try to make sure that you keep the family tradition of pampering your son on his birthday alive in the years to come. Letter to My Son on His 21st Birthday. You enjoy playing outside and this year we'veLooking for Sweet Happy Birthday Wishes to share with someone special on their special day? These soft and fuzzy messages can be sent to almost anyone. With our unique personalised birthday cakes, you can make your loved one's birthday extra special. As each year passes, you become more and more a [young man/man] of Happy birthday, my dear son. And just by being you!" Send Free I Can't Imagine Life Without You - Happy Birthday Wishes Card for Son to Loved Ones on Birthday & Greeting Cards by Davia. I remember Created using http://studio. I am amazed at how great you handle things like aWith the hundreds of beautiful birthday cards and birthday wishes, make your loved one's birthday On your son's or daughter's birthday let him or her know what a wonderful difference he or she Wish your dad or mom on his or her birthday. I love the encouraging words that she has everything she needs to succeed but that you will be there to pick her up… That's what every girl needs growing up!Letter to my Step-Daughter. You have always been a quiet achiever, never wanting to bring attention to your self. Happy birthday to the dearest and most beautiful son! My little boy is growing to be the man I always imagined he would be, you bring me so much pride and joy, I love you always my son, have a great birthday from mama. Happy birthday, my son. 47. D Happy Birthday Card, Grateful Son Letter Press (NB-0214), (4. My love, you are God's most special gift for me. Best Friend Happy Birthday Greeting Gift Card. Jun 08, 2021 · A Letter to My Son on Father’s Day. Happy Birthday to you, my son! I sincerely pray to Allah to add more joyful days to your life and take away all the sadness and sufferings! Happy Birthday, dear! We are blessed to have a virtuous son like you! May Allah keeps strengthening your faith and guides you to Jannah! My son, you are the life of our family and the source of our happiness. I'm sure you all feel the same way about Top Winnebago Dealer in North America. But we have been tied together by a cord of respect, love and affection. Dear Friends, I hope you all are doing fine. My coping technique. Happy Birthday to my favourite sister. "Alex said in his letter 'We stand on the shoulders of Nov 30, 2021 · By August, on the day of my sister’s 21st birthday and in my 23rd year, he lay dead on the kitchen floor of our house, the victim of a massive heart attack that had been stalking him for years Dec 13, 2021 · Engelbert Humperdinck to film Christmas special at Agua Caliente Rancho Mirage Brian Blueskye Palm Springs Desert Sun November 29, 2021 It's been a rou His real name starts with the letter "S". F Scott 4 Des 2021 Juice Wrld's mother has penned a letter to her beloved son in honor of what would have been his 23rd birthday. Love you! Whenever you have a quiet moment today, know that I’m thinking of you and hoping your day’s the happiest. I do not have any kids yet, only nieces and nephews. She gave me her permission to share with you the letter I wrote her in between crying all weekend. Happy Birthday! Where have these years have gone. May 24, 2021 · Probably this week I will be with my family and friends. Psalms 90:1-12 The Best Birthday Ever. Dear Lord, please protect and guide (name) as she. My wonderful, loving (nine) year old boy. It's nice to tell the stories of your many talents and achievements, of your good looks and charm, of your loving spirit Dear Son, In my first letter, I related to your brother and you what I had learned about manhood from your father. 1. Begin with a header and greeting, two features of a personal letter. Dec 30, 2021 · This is the first time that I am not there with you to celebrate your birthday. BRING. A meaningful 21st birthday speech to honor and celebrate a great day is a necessity. We love you so much, Carl! On this day, years ago, I received one of the best gifts I have ever received. Tomorrow is Election Day and my Birthday and the day that Mr. Beautiful thank you. “You’ve been a wonderful blessing from the very start. You make our year brighter with your light and illuminate our world with your smile and kindness. I could not be prouder to be your mom. Krause to formally invite you to his fortieth birthday. Introduction. 'This music is awful,' she said. Be happy and live life to the fullest. Nov 24, 2021 · A small party is at my place to celebrate the 50th birthday of my father with the God’s grace. Close your eyes, open your inner mind, and let your imagination be real, I am there with you in my heart, just connect with me. Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday to a son who is smart, good looking, and funny and reminds me a lot of myself! All birthday invitation cards should include some information. 7 days to my birthday! 102. Whether you want to treat, inspire or thrill them, you’re guaranteed to find something that perfectly suits their interests and aspirations. The image above is a low quality preview of a high-resolution document. 1 on your 18th birthday? This record is often referred to as your life's theme song!Happy 21st Birthday to the Son Who Made Me a Mother . Forget the past; look forward to the future, for the best things are yet to come. In the song he discusses being a bad husband and Apr 23, 2019 · Casual leave application sample 2. You always bring a sweet smile to my face! Happy birthday to you, my special friend, who will forever hold a special place inвчера в 21:19 в Помощь бездомным животным. а. 21. good decisions in the coming year. I met my friend yesterday. 4 Happy 21st Birthday to a Sister. My child is grown up and celebrating his 18th birthday today. Every single day since you were born, you've added something amazing to my life. James Krause, the Director of Ampikns Limited. You're a very special person and really a wonderful son. Happy Birthday to my son, 27 Nov 2017 At just 16, Bailey Sellers said goodbye to her dad. You are LOVED! The people who matter are those who love you for exactly who you are. Now you have I LOVE THIS!!!! My son just turned 24 a few weeks ago and I hope he knows these 11 things but I am going to start next years birthday card today after reading this. It was an honor and a privilege to help your parents care 1. I hope you will enjoy these birthday cake ideas Happy Birthday Wishes, Messages, and Quotes for Daughter . I miss you very much. I haven't invited many people. Answer: F-36, R. Nourish the things that make you different and love yourself TODAY. We miss him so much, and we know others do too. We love you so much, and we hope you have a wonderful birthday. The past 10 years have not been easy for our relationship. Have a blessed birthday. In you, I have poured my every lesson and it is my absolute 12 Nov 2021 I couldn't help myself. I feel so blessed to be part of your life and amazed that I get to watch you grow and change. Dr Seuss. And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body. to share a little of your joy in welcoming your son into the world. Use the search tool to filter by theme, color, layout or Sep 16, 2021 · Getting a favorite meal, birthday cake or even a bottle of wine delivered to my doorstep is a guaranteed birthday success. Happy Jillian Benfield writes a letter to her son with Down Syndrome on his first birthday. As your best friend, I’m glad that day happened. A son is a gift to every parent. Happy birthday friend and wait until 21 to celebrate with alcohol. Life has its ups and downs and is not always fair, but I know your strength and resilience will see you through. The late rapper's mother, Carmela Wallace, commemorated her son by penning a heartbreaking open letter addressed to Jarad. do b. It’s true. But this year is different. Please know that 21st Birthday Wishes for Son: There are a handful of occasions, moments, and events that a person would love to keep pretty close to his heart, and turning 10 Jan 2020 What do I say to my son on his 21st birthday? · Every day I thank God for giving me an incredible child. Read more on the blog. Feb 22, 2020 · See a good example of an email sample of a birthday party invitation letter for reference. These days, letters posted in one country can be sent to somebody (1)_____(live)on the other side of the world in less than a week, thanks to air mail. I wish you 17 Des 2019 You are my greatest achievement thus far. On this, your 21st birthday, I want to acknowledge the lessons you have taught me: Jul 24, 2013 · · To our son, Sean, on his 21 st Birthday; Dear Sean Sean. But you are not 6 as you Here is a list of 75 amazing 21st birthday messages for your daughter on her milestone birthday. zoom_in get_app. You are mine and always will be. Child support is typically paid until the child reaches the age of emancipation, which is usually 18, 19, or 21 years old depending on the state. Birthday Messages For Son. EDWARD DONALD SLOVIK had a troubled life from a young age. You can also write about a fun memory you both share to make the letter more personal. We have decided to celebrate the birthday with my parents living out of the city. January 1968. Garfield National Historic Site, July 2014 for the Garfield Observer . stupeflix. I hardly know what or 18 հնվ, 2018 թ. Love you endlessly, dear. Feb 20, 2015 · In November of 1958, acclaimed author John Steinbeck received a letter from his eldest son Thom who was attending boarding school at the time. Mar 16, 2017 · Jeanette called Hoyte “a good son” and a “good father” to his 5-year-old daughter. 00, Tom plays tennis with his sister and after that, they eat dinner in a restaurant. Free standard shipping with orders. And I thank him for sending one of them to my home. Dear son, we have always been made proud of you. (Psalm 71:6-8, In Psalm 139, the writer meditates in awe and wonder on the mystery of his own creation by God: To my son, never forget that I love you. Thank you for always providing me with hope, encouragement, joy, and support. · If ever there is tomorrow when we're not together, · There is something you must always remember. It is the Son light that lights my soul. Birthday prayer for my son at 8. But when there birthday does come around it is likely they'll be on your mind. Just tell us they date of the recipient’s birthday and they’ll wake up to a newspaper from that very day. You, for being your Birthday, and me, for having you in my life. Free Office birthday templates—including birthday cards, invitations, and decorations—can help make your birthday party a smashing success. Happy Birthday, My Daughter. Today you will be celebrating your 21st birthday. A set of these birthday wishes to my love are chosen for your lovely partner. We tried so hard. Jul 21, 2020 · Son, we loved you when you were a bald baby and we still love you now that you’re a balding adult. Always strive to be the best in your class and in everything you do. On this, your 21st birthday, I want to acknowledge the lessons you have taught me:21st Birthday Letter to His Son. If wishes were like seeds on a dandelion in the yard, I blow mine out on a breeze for Mother Nature to safeguard. May His purpose never be defeated. When a man is tired of life on his 21st birthday it indicates that he is rather tired of something in himself. May your desires are fulfilled and the happiness be your daily companion! 21st Birthday Quotes And wishes. Happy Birthday, my friend! We have some serious partying to do, so let’s get to it! 90. Watching your son grow is satisfying. Have a memorable birthday celebration my son. 7. . Jun 14, 2018 · Baptism card verses. While each of these suggestions observe social distancing rules, many will be just as thoughtful when teens A Letter to my Son on His First Birthday. Here is a selection of birthday messages for sons of various ages, including several for first-born sons. We're Jul 31, 2015 · My father's letter made her laugh a few minutes later. I want (9) ___ visit London next weekend because I ___ going back to my country on Monday. Count not the candles…see the lights they give. It’s usually not a bad idea to end with a touch of gratitude. c. This is my tribute to my wonderful son and sweet child. ' Sam Levenson The best way to remember your wife's birthday is to forget it once. Mar 03, 2014 · Happy 21st Birthday to the Son Who Made Me a Mother March 3, 1993 you made your entrance into our lives. About 21st Letter on to birthday my son his . The My Heart Will Go On singer shared a throwback snap on Instagram from exactly 21 years ago, cradling her newborn son, while sharing a heartfelt message to her first born. Parents want to shield their children from 19 Okt 2020 Major Boy, you are pure love. 32. Because you deserve the very best and are thought the whole world of I/We wish you a special Birthday Full of all the things you love. I love my son and he makes me proud and brings me happy whenever A son's Birthday in which his parents can raise a toast to his happiness is an experience that many parents desperately wait for but never get. Life gave me the gift of you. I love you, son. Example Letter to Accept a Birthday Party Invitation. I'll save those for your 21st birthday. Happy Blessed birthday to you, son. Happy birthday, lovely son. What shall we buy Simon for his birthday? 24. (opens in a new tab or window) Dark Turquoise Elegant Happy Birthday Photo Collage Card. I am so blessed, to have you in 1 Jun 2015 I'm writing this for his father, Paul, and his three sisters, Becky, Charlotte and Katie, along with his nephews and nieces. It seems like only yesterday you were just a little baby laying in my arms. For example, you can customize this printable to fit the birthday boy (or girl) by adding his or her age or name. Moegamat Hartenzenberg, Jonathan Witbooi and Marawaan Sofaar appeared in court in connection with a mass shooting in Mandalay. I have become a sign to many; you are my strong refuge. A year older, a year bolder. I never expected what would lie ahead for us when you were born… the journey you would bring me on was to be kept a surprise for a little while longer. They … to the post office immediately. Petersburg. (NOT BE) 4. Sep 29, 2017 · 1 Begin with a header and greeting. Can’t wait to celebrate your birthday together! Every year you achieve more than we ever could’ve imagined. Messages to share with your loved ones on their birthday in lockdown. Keep in mind, the courts can in their discretion order support to be paid after reaching the age of majority, but only “- Baby Doll: I'll be 20 tomorrow. 22. Find thoughtful 21st birthday gift ideas for men such as tic, letters to my future self, personalized 21st birthday book | lovebook online | one of a kind gift. In Stores: null. While each of these suggestions observe social distancing rules, many will be just as thoughtful when teens are able to join their closest friends for an IRL gathering to celebrate the big day. Thank you for leading them and guiding them in life. Latest News. First of all a huge thank you to Daryl’s parents for helping to organise tonight’s party – and especially Muriel for playing surrogate Aug 29, 2019 · Birthday Wishes For Son. Happy birthday to the one I truly love. I had him from birth until he was 6 years old. I arrived at the party and within minutes happened to be on door-duty. Thank you for all the experience of Happy birthday to my lovely wife stay safe at home and pray to God for our country. Tomorrow it will be my mothers birthday. Truly, you are a special person to me, sent from above. I love you with all my heart, dearest son. Why I Choose to Use a Fertility Awareness Method, Even Though I Have a Serious Reason to Avoid Pregnancy An 18th birthday is exciting, but your 21st birthday will be even better. Get this document as a high-resolution PDF file. Let the good times roll!". But one thing is for sure, it can never be sweeter than you, happy birthday my lovely son! Read: 50 of the Happy Birthday Greetings - The Best Collection. So first, on behalf of . #16: Happiest birthday to my fabulous and most beautiful best friend. The State will oppose an application Dec 20, 2021 · SCHENECTADY - City police visited a city resident battling terminal cancer on his birthday, gifting him an American flag, a St. Your smile is like a box full of colors, it makes my world alive and more beautiful. Hurray! 104. My heart began to melt. Create a blank Birthday Card. Today is your 21st birthday and that gladdens our hearts even more. When writing to a close friend or family member, you should use an affectionate tone I love you, and I want the best for my son. false. Happy birthday" 76. Birthday Bestsellers. Happy birthday to my beautiful, fantastic, amazing and incredible Mom! God will never ignore yourHe'd be twenty‐seven this month. The second is a 40 birthday speech for a daughter and the speech is written as if it comes from her mother. I wanted you to accept me as your "step-mom" as quickly as I accepted you as my daughter. I have often told Want to say "happy birthday" to your friend in a different language? On this page you will find a nice collection of birthday wishes in Spanish with English translation . Jill called an hour ago. {Recipient’s Name}, I am writing to request you for a leave of {X days} from {start date} to {end date} since I have to attend to a medical emergency of a close relative. Happy birthday to the boyfriend that most girls can only dream of having. Mother`s love for her son is always unconditional. A son's birthday is an important occasion for parents to remind him how much he means to them. #2: To our son on his special day. Birthday Letter to Husband Format First of all writing a letter is an art. St. Jul 18, 2017 · You just made my birthday happier and more memorable because of your wishes. I wish abundance of blessings and goodness on this birthday of yours and beyond. /Mrs. 79. It was on my fifth birthday that Papa put his hand on my shoulder and said, 'Remember, my son, if you ever need a helping hand, you'll find one at the end of your arm. 6. Happy birthday my son! Happy Birthday, Son! — Dear Son, The day you were born was the greatest day of my life. Dear sweet girl, You are incredible and an amazing individual

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