Jan 25, 2022 · To indent an entire cell, first, open your spreadsheet with Microsoft Excel. Answer: "Dent" in breast is gone when arms are up. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators my skin indents really easy. The smallpox vaccine was given by a special technique that caused a blister which formed a scab and when the scab fell off, it left a scar (usually in the deltoid area of the upper arm). Now, a “Covid arm” is different from a skin reaction that May 01, 2019 · Indentations, or pits in the nails, are usually on fingernails instead of toenails. Talk to a dYes, skin heals itself. Vesicle. Psoriasis may develop as a result of an abnormality in the body's immune system. “Drinking is classified as two drinks a day. Jock itch can also affect the areas around anus and buttock. His pediatrician said they were called "molluscum But if you wanted their hand to squish or an indent in the middle of a leg or arm those won't help. Irritation (usually causes pain) Swelling or tenderness. Early Signs of Skin Cancer Pictures - 15 Photos & Images. a pearly brown or black lump if you have darker skin. Jun 10, 2021 · A sacral dimple consists of an indentation, or "pit," in the skin on the lower back, just above the crease between the buttocks. A scar-like spot: This can be a Learn what puts you at high risk for skin cancer and symptoms to watch for. Dr. For skin cancers, the usual treatment is to remove the cancerous cells. staging of lipedema in arms Nearly 80 percent of women with lipedema also present with fat on their upper limbs (5). 19 thg 11, 2012 Learn about the various skin conditions and birth marks that can arise in dot) that usually appears on the chest, back, face, and arms. Sometimes, the thickening skin spreads to the face, shoulders, and chest. Unlike a typical light or other energy based skin indentation: [noun] an angular cut in an edge : notch. New COVID-19 Variant Named IHU Discovered in France. A cheap and portable indentation device was built and developed to show the viscoelastic property of human arm skin and to extract the elastic shear modulus of skin (Park et al. July 28, 2015. Nov 19, 2021 · 6. Albinism. 1. You can indent to the left or to the right in a cell. You should see the doctor. The medical term for dry skin on legs is known as xerosis cutis or asteatosis. Hardened skin, or skin that does not indent when pressed. Jul 26, 2019 · Raised growths or lumps, sometimes with a lower area in the center. Typically, this autoimmune skin disease develops as blisters on the arms legs or torso. What is Indent In Skin On Arm. Jun 17, 2010 · Skin Pitting: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment for Breast Skin Pitting Skin pitting is an indentation of the skin when poked by finger of about 5 to 10 seconds. Apr 21, 2021 · An open sore that doesn't heal or one that heals but keeps returning. Indent in skin on arm Indent in skin on arm Not the kind of long-lasting indentations from actual skin disorders (which is all that google search seems to turn up). This is most common in the arms or legs but can happen in other body parts as well. 10. One Benign Cause of Dent in the Arm: Compression into a Desk While Seated “If you rest your arm or leg against something for a period of time, you may have an indentation,” says J. The indentation trials were Nov 18, 2021 · During social interactions, people use auditory, visual, and haptic cues to convey their thoughts, emotions, and intentions. It retracts when you put your arms back down. See pictures of these viral skin conditions to identify your rash. Answer: It’s not an STD. Well, in my case, instead of the indentation just going away after some time, it turns into a welt or welts. These reddish patches typically appear on the chest, shoulders, arms, face and legs. Collagen naturally decreases with age, causing fine lines and wrinkles which are usually most apparent on the face. Request PDF | Skin indentation firmness and tissue dielectric constant assessed in face, neck, and arm skin of young healthy women | Purpose: Our goal was to test the hypothesis that skin firmness About Arm On In Indent Skin . Sorry to hear that you have been having pain. Oct 16, 2004 · If pitting edema is present, the fingers will sink into the tissue and leave an impression of the fingers when they are removed. It usually happens on skin that gets sunlight, like the neck and arms. g. I also notice a lot of loose skin there. Pitting edema swelling is visually notable. To move text further to the right, click the Increase . 5 . 4. Once again, please look at the Skin cancer pictures and read the ABC’s of skin cancer to get the complete understanding. There is not much that can be done in this case. 1+. Soft skin. While the edema is most commonly seen in the arms or legs, it can affect other body parts too. Figure 4 Recorded curve for a loading-unloading indentation test on the volar forearm of an adult. , muscle or fat) also will create tensile and shear stress and strain that is greatest at or near the indenter and decreases distally. Skin changes due to burns, cuts, scrapes, orinsect bitesoften affect the arms and legs. David Amron gives an insightful answer to problems that many liposuction patients face. How to use sudden in a sentence. The disease usually becomes inactive after over time, but you may still have darkened patches of skin. Hart explained that KP causes rough, small bumps to appear on one's skin, most often on the upper arms and sometimes on the face, thighs, or back. Record the measurement in centimeters. Kidney problems can also result in retention of excess fluid, leading to skin indentations. Arms and legs. The apparatus was designed so that indentation testing would be performed without any complicated attachment jig; thus, making it clinically convenient for residual limb assessment. . The tests were realised on the inner forearm. Caractérisation mécanique et tribologique de la peau humaine in vivo, Ph. Although some level of scarring may be permanent, there are safe topical treatments … Our goal was to determine effects of low-level-laser-therapy (LLLT) on skin water and tissue indentation resistance (TIR) in patients with arm (N = 38) or leg (N = 38) lymphedema. “If you rest your arm or leg against something for a period of time, you may have an indentation,” says J. Lord, make me an instrument of Your peace; Where there is despair, hope; Where there is darkness, light; And where there is sadness, joy. Sudden indentation on leg. In the spreadsheet, select the cell in which you want to add an indent. Jun 16, 2021 · Skin dehydration symptoms are very similar to sunburn. Definition. No bullet points and only use one line in each cell. Sep 27, 2018 · Skin numbness or paraesthesia can affect different parts of body and symptom usually vary from person to person. They found Jan 15, 2020 · Indentation ultrasound imaging (Fig. Skin cancer most often develops on areas of your body that get the greatest exposure to the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays. Another nine octopus skins were measured to study the influence of body mass on skin properties. The test protocol of indentation represented is 5-minutes indentation with a force of 4 N followed by 5-seconds blanching with a force of 2. Weakness or less flexibility. Sebaceous hyperplasia is a skin condition that occurs when sebaceous gland on the skin is enlarged. 1 Use of organic arsenics and Jan 26, 2017 · Set the collision object as that merged obj you imported, the one that is now hidden. 31 is a billable/specific ICD-10-CM code that can be used to indicate a. Leaning an arm for an extended period of time on a textured armrest or even a phone cord can cause an indentation in the skin. Muscular dystrophy. 0 ± 1. Jan 22, 2022 · Skin discoloration is a symptom of underarm cancer. " Others may call it a "dent" or even a "hole" The indentation can often be better felt than seen. Jul 15, 2013 · Pitting describes an indentation that remains in the edematous area after pres-sure is applied Changes in skin temperature, color, and texture pro-vide clues to the cause of edema. The integument consists of the skin, nails, hair, and scalp. Found indentation when I raise my arm A couple of weeks ago, I noticed an indentation in the same side as my lumpectomy. Irritated Patch of Skin. If the red indentation doesn't fade after 10 minutes, improve local blood circulation after the above-mentioned facial skin cleaning. I realize now that the black and blue appearance are just blood vessels/veins that are more pronounced because instead of the same skin as the rest of my arm, there is an indentation. An aesthetic arm should have some athletic refinement or silhouette. Other basal cell carcinomas may appear as shiny, pink-colored patches on the skin. Sensitive Skin: Some people have very sensitive skin and even a slight indentation to the skin can cause the blood vessels to rupture, thus leading to bruises. 3 mm (F 1. There is no cure for albinism. Thesis, ECL-no. 5 thg 3, 2021 Some have been using the term “Moderna arm” to describe this large rash Now, a “Covid arm” is different from a skin reaction that occurs You may notice the appearance of blood vessels or a dent in the center of the skin growth. Not the kind of long-lasting indentations from actual skin disorders (which is all that google search seems to turn up). AKs result from long-term exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Small skin marks caused by pigment-producing cells in the skin. Sarah Gubbins, associate solicitor in the Molluscum contagiosum is a skin infection. Skin rashes of tinea nigra are most common on the palms and soles. But, most people neglect the fact that drug addiction Ask the patient to relax his/her arm along the side of the body Draw the tape measure horizontally around the arm at the midpoint mark, but do not indent the skin. If i run my finger over my arm i can feel then as they are raised and i can seethem. It is generally considered to be a pre-cancerous condition, with a small risk of Molluscum contagiosum is a skin infection that causes small pearly or flesh-colored bumps. painful. Amor Khachemoune is a dermatologist and Mohs micrographic surgeon, Veterans AffairsMedical In On Arm Skin Indent About Indent On Skin In Arm studied the effect of the gap dis- mances and aesthetics is really negligible. As the above pictures show, this skin cancer tends to develop on skin that has had lots of sun exposure Other common areas for BCC include, the shoulders, back, arms, and legs. May 02, 2021 · Steps for Covering Indents in Skin . Essentially human skin color is different shades of brown coupled with the hue imparted by blood flowing in the superficial vessels within the skin. Jul 25, 2012 · It was long though, probably 3-4 inches on my arm? Weird huh? I haven't got the skin indentations so much anymore, and I take the vinegar, peroxide, baking soda and salt, I use table salt, since I don't have $ for anything really atm and my symptoms have died down since I started eating healthier and drinking less & less soft drinks. The surplus skin around the ring is then surgically removed, and the handle is broken off, leaving the ring in place. Rings, watches, or clothes that become too tight. Check also for blisters, bumps, insect bites, dry flaky skin or pimples. Men are almost twice as likely as women to develop this lymphoma. Fibrotic indentations result in shadowing and a pitted appearance. Skin water was determined from tissue dielectric constant (TDC) measurements and TIR determined from measurements of force resulting from tissue indentations of 3-4 mm. Conditions like eczema can cause skin damage, red patches on legs, cracking, bleeding, or change the texture of your skin. Rodney suggests applying the lotion twice a day, once right after you shower to lock in moisture. Jan 19, 2022 · Veins showing through skin area is not uncommon in people, especially those with pale skin. Grind the peels to form a powder and make a paste by adding rose water and milk. The skin is faintly discolored, it is a little sensitive to touch. Zachary Pottle - Monday, January 3, 2022. Most moles are benign and no treatment is necessary. (Mild) Moderate pitting, 4mm indent, rebounds in a few seconds. Dehydrated Skin. Pectus excavatum is a structural deformity of the anterior thoracic wall in which the sternum and rib cage are shaped abnormally. Nerve conduction studies for the affected limb should be done. But now i have indented veins all over my body. ] should be done. Laser therapy: This is a common treatment for chickenpox scars. Skin tightening with radio frequency energy can help make depressed scars less obvious. the force required to indent skin to 4 mm (F 4. Discomfort or pain. not, repeat test at a site at least 2 inches away from original site. Aug 08, 2016 · Checking for changes in moles has become second nature, with all the worries and ­warnings over skin cancer. 5 mm (TDC0. I bet you wear sunscreen, avoid sunburns, and tell your dermatologist about any weird moles. In addition the urinary and genital tracts (wee tube and vagina) can also be affected. Noxious indentation of skin is transduced by cutaneous mechano-nociceptors that can lead to the percept of pain. People with this syndrome have tall height and long arms and legs. It gets flaky and develops dry lines. 21 thg 12, 2018 A pink growth that has raised edges and indented center may indicate basal cell carcinoma. At first they started appearing near my biceps but they have recently start The skin should also be kept moisturized enough, because if the skin becomes cracked, then it will leave way for the bacteria to cause infections and eventually even hand celullitis. Other factors include: AGE: As we age, our skin becomes thinner and loses its elasticity. Many people don't give a second thought to this, while others have wondered if this means a medical problem - namely, edema. The blood will start to clot within a few minutes or less and stop the bleeding. Any advice to what they might be. Indentation indicates that the skin's underlying structures have been damaged. It commonly affects hands, legs, arms, and feet. This pitting is graded on a scale of +1 to +4 as follows: Grade. If you Aug 07, 2017 · New haircut, new job, new apartment — change is usually something to celebrate. A hard, painful lump on the forearm can be caused by trauma from an injury, or even an insect bite. When an indentation remains after the swollen skin is pressed, this is called Squamous cell carcinoma · scaly, red patches that bleed · open sores that bleed, crust, and don't heal · tender, raised growths with a center indent that bleeds · a [Indentations and discolorations on arms and legs] Pigmentation Disorders / etiology*; Pigmentation Disorders / pathology*; Skin / pathology Methods: Dermal water was assessed by tissue dielectric constant (TDC) at 0. What To Do When You Test Positive for COVID-19. Mix the oils and the oatmeal then apply on scalp. I think the best description is that it is like I left my arm on a blanket or upholstery for too long and it left a weird diagonal pattern on my skin. I like to put a tiny incision in the armpit and one at the elbow. It's about an inch long, and the area is numb. This warning sign may indicate an invasive BCC. (Don't miss forgotten spots like your scalp, between your toes, and nail beds). Clear off those marks with some olive oil massage. With each passing year, the surface layer of your skin thins and loses some of its elasticity. Here we explore whether a sparse representation of human touch is sufficient to convey social touch signals. Let cool on a cooling rack. Red light therapy stimulates collagen production, meaning it can reduce or delay the visible signs of aging. It is one of the skin conditions of lupus. Actini Keratosis (AK) is a pre-cancerous growth Hello Sir, You are suffering from myopathy for which a thorough examination needs to be done. 5. Fast forward to a few months ago when I noticed that when I raised my arms up, there was a dip in the breast tissue under the left nipple area. Brachioradial pruritus is a nerve disorder that causes itching, stinging, or tingling sensations in this area of the outer forearm. The indentation test is realized for a constant indentation speed of 500. 0) and 1. 2. When I lift my left arm I have a vertical line (3-4inch) on. It needs to be done by doctors as it may need anaesthesia. Mar 09, 2021 · LOS ANGELES -- Some people who have received a dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine are having a delayed reaction that causes a red, and sometimes bumpy rash on the arm. It's probably something minor. There’s a huge amount of damage to the skin that occurs; alcohol affects any mucous membrane, from the pancreas and liver Mix 2 tablespoons honey with 1/2 cup rolled oats and 1/4 cup plain yogurt to make a natural skin exfoliator. Can also be contagious which might explain yours, if you for instance sleep close and she rests on your arm. How to get rid of loose flabby skin on your arms and body for mature women over 50! Are you worried about saggy skin, arm fat, crepey skin, loose skin and ba Apr 18, 2019 · The Skin Cancer Foundation provides a list of five warning signs of skin cancer 1: A scar-like area that is white, yellow or waxy, with the skin appearing shiny and taut. To test this we Jul 23, 2019 · Not all skin cancers look the same. So without a layer of skin, the veins are closer to the surface so the oval has a darker appearance. For the most part, skin cancer occurs on the parts of skin typically exposed to the sun, such as on the face or arms, but it can also appear on other areas. It's normal for the dent to go away in a matter of moments. Warts and Skin Tags. Pustule. Hi no problem, i actually didnt know that the indentation is one of the factors, and i just thought it was an older age thing as im 54 now but was 51 when it was noticed, and then only actually noticed the lump by accident 3 months later, having had a mammogram 18 months before and all clear, so if i had not noticed the lump by accident, it would have been a further 18 months before i went for Hand & Arm Nerve Entrapment Treatment Options at Mercy. waxy. Actinic Keratosis. As stated above, the elastic modulus of the adipose tissue was the main factor affecting the slope of the total force vs. Found indentation when I raise my arm A couple of weeks ago, I noticed an indentation in the same side as my lumpectomy. Nov 05, 2010 · Hi I've been getting these crater like indents in my face very gradually over the past year. The “reverse freckles Small skin marks caused by pigment-producing cells in the skin. The upper arm bones and muscles consist of the humerus, biceps, and triceps. Primary cutaneous follicle center lymphoma: This is the most common B-cell lymphoma of the skin. This results in a build-up of fluid in the skin of the breast. They are very strange indentations, almost like I had been leaning on something hard that left a jagged depression in the skin. Skin bruising, however, is relatively uncommon with a nontraumatic muscle strain in the arm because any bleeding that occurs is deep within What is Skin Indentation Causes. The blood clots dry and form a scab, which protects the tissue Chronic Pain. I had a baby 3 years ago along with aging & gaining weight . It might be some eczema of some sort, due to sun or other exposure. Red Bumps on arms Jan 02, 2021 · Red spots on your skin could be caused by cherry angiomas, papular eczema, acne—the list is long, but treatments are plentiful. Myopathy – the muscles are weakened and more prone to twitching, including in the arm. Aug 18, 2020 · Tissue Depth Or Depression: Flat, thin scars have an indentation that extends vertically to the deep dermis layer of skin or subcutaneous tissue. In some instances, a small reddish 10 thg 8, 2011 The color of it is a little bit darker than my skin color. The bumps may be clear, and the center often is indented. just below skin surface • After injection, a tense, pale wheal. 4 to 16 mm/set. It seems that just a few minutes of face picking can mean months or years of dealing with healing and spots. There are also more serious side effects which include burns, skin indentations, subcutaneous fat loss, permanent scarring, changes to pigmentation, open sores and infections. The skin papule on the cephalic margin of the malformation measured 0. An_207083 posted: its been a couple months now that these strange indentation marks have started to appear on my body. Jan 11, 2021 · Entrance wounds. Thanks for your photos and question. It was a basal cell carcinoma, diagnosed during a comprehensive skin exam. The peduncle is made of live tissue and removing a skin tag causes a break in that tissue. Use the assessment skills of inspection, palpation, and olfaction to assess the function and integrity of the integument. 5 to 4 mm. This will create an indentation in the overly cheek skin. Sometimes it affects other body parts, like the arms and legs. Aug 12, 2015 · Once you see your dermatologist, the issue can be treated with antifungal creams, lotions, or pills that control yeast, says Kazin. Mar 03, 2021 · The skin indents and stretches (deforms) easily because of a lack of a protein made within the body called elastin. If the carcinoma develops on the chest, it may look more like a brownish 17 thg 5, 2021 Recommended · A pearly or flesh-colored oval bump with a rolled border, which may develop into a bleeding ulcer · A smooth red spot indented in Both basal and squamous cell cancers are found mainly on areas of the skin that are exposed to the sun — the head, face, neck, hands and arms. Numbness or weakness in the arm, wrist and hand. It provides a brief summary of the condition and the treatment available. About Arm Skin On In Indent . Save the scene. Skin warts are growths on the skin that are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). What causes indentations in skin? Extreme indentation of the fingertip could be a symptom of lymphedema , which is the accumulation of lymphatic fluid in a particular area of the body. Mar 11, 2021 · Since the underarm skin is quite thin, it can get irritated and sensitive post-shaving, thus turning dark. The treatment of necrotizing fasciitis is surgical removal of the dead tissue plus antibiotics given by vein (intravenously). They often indicate that there's an abnormal buildup of protein in an organ, such as your heart. They help in bending the arm towards the shoulders. For no good reason, I’m starting to get dents in my skin that seem to come and then go. I'm also sorry to hear about loosing your family members to cancer. This commonly occurs during athletic activities, though it can also happen during normal daily activities in which a person comes in harsh contact with a solid object. , bone) produces primarily compressive stress and strain. As a result, they consult paediatric neurosurgeons to have the “deformity” removed. Sep 30, 2021 · "Any new or changing moles should be seen by a skin cancer specialist," adds Crilly, who notes that "some people are at higher risk of melanoma than others due to for example, family history of Jan 12, 2022 · Wounds heal in stages. Dermatitis refers to a general inflammation of the skin; both eczema and seborrhea are types of dermatitis that cause flaky red and itchy patches to develop on the skin. Just the normal marks that anyone gets when leaning against a textured wall or accidentally resting your arm on your headphones cord, which go away after a while. Buy and sell skins and keys from CS:GO, DotA2, TF2, Rust and Z1BR. This topic provides a differential diagnosis of pustular skin conditions. These tumors can occur at any age, but are commonly found in adults from 40 to 60 years of age. This type of basal cell carcinoma can be very destructive to surrounding tissues and can invade cartilage, muscle, nerves and even bone if neglected or unnoticed until it reaches an advanced stage. Abscesses form when the body tries to protect itself from an infection by walling it off. How do I get rid of scars on my arm from picking scabs? Treatment Of Skin Picking Scar By A DermatologistTo indent an entire cell, first, open your spreadsheet with Microsoft Excel. ADDITIONAL TESTING . These "Marks" are kinda like scratch marks with skin missing within the mark. Skin keratosis, also known as seborrheic keratosis, are harmless, noncancerous growths that appear on the face, neck, shoulders 4 thg 5, 2021 Cause of Indents in the Skin on Your Arm Dr. They may occur on your chest, stomach, face, arms, legs or other parts of your body. Exposure to immunosuppressive drugs or ionizing radiation is a less common cause. 2 . Materials and Methods Psychophysical studies Effect of indentation velocity on depth judgments. First inspect all skin surfaces or assess the skin gradually as you examine other body systems. It is also much, much more prominent on my right arm (some on left) and on the under (palm) side. At pins and needles or tingling; a numb feeling; reddening of your skin, pain; pitting – indents in your skin; a change in shape of your arm or leg Multiple lump and bumps may arise on or below the skin. Skin conditions and rashes can be caused by a number of things e. Skin tag removal risks. In more severe cases, cellulitis can also be accompanied – and often preceded – by: a high temperature (fever) of 38C (100. 5 mm (TDC 0. Some nodules may grow to large sizes and ulcerate. TheHealthSite. It delivers tiny arcs of plasma created by an electrical discharge via a “plasma pen” to the skin, singeing the surface and tightening the underlying tissue. Why does the skin indent easily (aside of any possible bart)? Is this Lyme of another infection? Im not referring to the Bart skin marks but more of the easily indented skin -- say a rubber band around the wrist or a bracelet etc will make marks (before Lyme this never happened). Sep 01, 2011 · Octopus skin samples were tested under quasi-static and scissor cutting conditions to measure the in-plane material properties and fracture toughness. Have you ever taken your socks off and there’s an indentation digging into your skin all day?” Sep 23, 2009 · Are your scars indents? And you know what girl, having a positive attitude is the greatest thing you can do for yourself and your body will reward you. The treatment of rash on legs and arms can be done by both using home remedies and doctor’s prescription (which is most advised if the rash do not disappear after one week). This has become evident as your swelling has diminished and your skin softened and stretched My skin is starting to indent around areas of certain veins! It started just a couple veins on my arm. May 03, 2021 · The skin will be indented in people with the much more common type of edema caused by leaky blood vessels. Measurements were done before cooling, after cooling, and after a single treatment session in 20 women with arm involvement and in 12 women with breast involvement. 9k Followers, 973 Following, 2,493 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Archive Store; (@archivestore_nl) Skin discoloration, defined by Healthline as areas of skin with irregular pigmentation, is a relatively common complaint. Dermatologists weigh in. In rare cases, the urge to scratch spreads to other parts of the body, including the shoulders, neck, and lower legs. PA-C, MPAS. But they can also look more unassuming — like a flat scar, a patch of Jul 03, 2019 · Keratosis pilaris is a harmless and fairly common condition . Skin cancer surgeries may result in scarring or disfigurement, especially in cases when a wide excision or other extensive surgery is necessary to remove a skin cancer, or when the surgery is performed on the face, head, neck or hands. About In On Arm Skin Indent . However, the same indentation of skin overlying a soft substrate (e. They look like lumps on my muscle or veins i dont know which. Advertisements. Please don't fret . No you can see rumors with an xray. The skin changes in hypermobile EDS (hEDS) tend to be less pronounced than in classical EDS (cEDS) although they can overlap with the milder forms of cEDS. Covid-19. There may be only a single lesion, but there can sometimes be a few. 2) Wounds in areas that stretch, move, or change such as over joints. May 13, 2021 · Most people who had a skin reaction after the first shot also had a reaction after their second dose, typically two or so days after the injection, the study authors noted. The levels of collagen and elastin diminish within the underlying layer of the skin known as the dermis, and you begin to lose fatty tissue that makes up the hypodermis, or the deep, protective Occasionally the skin over a breast cancer can ulcerate and bleed. The different types of scars include: Discoloration or surface irregularities and other more subtle scars can be cosmetically improved by surgery or other treatments recommended by your plastic surgeon. A scar-like area that is flat white, yellow or waxy in color. Editor (s): Monroe, Joe R. In non-pitting edema, which usually affects the legs or arms, pressure applied to the skin does not result in a persistent indentation. Chronic pitting edema is often a sign of liver, heart, or kidney problems. Oct 16, 2018 · slight puffiness or swelling in your arm, hand, chest, or breast, with a temporary indentation of the skin when you press on it with your finger (this is called pitting edema) veins or tendons in the hand are harder to see, and/or the knuckles look less pronounced, or once-wrinkled skin looks younger or smoother Mar 18, 2015 · My skin indents from the slightest contact

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