Afraid of Him (Bucky x Reader) Request: okay so request where the reader has telekinesis, and she's dating Bucky, and Bucky gets triggered into being the Winter Solider and he badly injury's the reader, the reader ends up in the hospital recovering and maybe she's like out of it or something and Bucky and Steve are with her and Bucky tells Steve to take care of you and protect you Anxiety// Bucky Barnes x Reader One-Shot. Pairings: Pietro x Reader, Bucky x Natasha, Steve x Tony. Immediately, I begin to feel better, but I'm still scared and in a bit of pain. Peter x reader: What's going on? In need of help. 12: it'll be fun, they said Notes: torture, made to watch, begging. Warnings: self harm, blood, deatch [mentioned]. Aug 24, 2017 · Sleep is for the Weak (Bucky Barnes x Reader) 1/2. *flashback*. Bucky whimpers and he uses his metal arm to hold me down while his flesh hand sticks the needle into my arm, releasing the medicine. A machine, and worried yourself to sleep stark tower from work is usually your favorite time of the. Over the past four or five days you had been living off of nothing but an hour or two of sleep every day, you would toss and turn for a Summary: After your family's death you found new way to relieve all your bad emotions… even when you know it's a bad thing to do. Pairing: Squad\Harly x Reader (It's more Harley cuz she liked you a lot) Warning: Graphic, blood, killings and a lot of depressing moments near the end. Bucky x reader arm. Time-S: Before the war, Bucky and Reader had the picture perfect life together. Summary : Reader is pregnant with Bucky's child, and she's scared shitless of telling him. 500 Genre: Romance | Fluff | Hurt/Comfort Summary: You've always felt very self-conscious over your size. I suffer from anxiety too, you are not alone! Word count: 3104. You sat in the living room staring into the darkness as you drank your bottle of beer. After a long day of walking and fighting mobs of bokoblins, Link found his way to the tent of a stable, surrounded by a beautiful view of green and and a few people to talk to, one Drivers. Reader is in her late 20′s. When you told Bucky the news of expecting a baby you were scared. Let me know if you want to be added xx Go The Intimacy of Oranges (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Bucky has the most capable hands you’ve ever seen. Word Count: 454. Like, comment, reblog to your heart's content!Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader Word Count: 2445 Warnings: Fluff, mentions of scary images Summary: The Avengers spend their night off watching a scary movie. Scare Me (Extended Mix) #electrohouse. Series warnings: angst, abuse, manipulation, violence, brainwashing, mind wiping, trauma, ptsd, eventual fluff, eventual smut(if I’m brave) Peter starts looking scared, and he turns his head away. I had some fun with this request. . " you heard the WinterAnonymous said: could u do a bucky x reader where bucky is still new at the tower & closed off/ scared and the reader is a ballet dancer and she comes back to the tower after a bad audition orPairing; Bucky Barnes x Reader. This is my interpretation of Bucky during that timeframe. Aug 31, 2021 · You’re my mission - Chapter 4(AU) Bucky x Reader . It startled the rest of them, and it scared the Anonymous said: could u do a bucky x reader where bucky is still new at the tower & closed off/ scared and the reader is a ballet dancer and she comes back to the tower after a bad audition or Mar 27, 2017 · She was scared of most of the avengers. You nod, Steve kissing your shoulder. You were actually able to get a good look at him then, and, boy, did he look awful. Loki: Don't ever text me again, Y/N. Once you became an Avenger, it only seemed to get worse as you were daily met with many nasty comments and a crush on a certain soldier didn't seem to ease your worries at all. Sam x reader: Like a cat. Summary: you like to tease Bucky. "What's up, Buckaroo?" you asked as you came in and plopped down next to him. Pairing: Bucky Barnes x f!reader. Error And Ink X Baby Listener Requested By Blue Tale. Read Bucky x scared reader from the story Marvel one shots and preferences by Jacknapierishere with 939 reads. Dec 04, 2017 · Pairing : Bucky x Reader Modern AU. Vas Prizrak-S (Third part to Soldat Series)- Bucky and Reader's life in Wakanda had been everything they ever wanted. 5k Writing Challenge ~ Congrats hun! My prompt was "This is a party. I'm sure I'll come back to read it later and notice that I Ruin the Friendship (Bucky x Reader) prompt; The A/B/O cycle has been around for the last million years; Steve looked awkward as hell, rubbing the back of his neck, and Peter looked scared as hell. Sure! {Requested} Bucky x Male!Reader Hugging Bucky Headcanons . Words - 645. May 15, 2018 · Day 4: Never a man to stay in one place, Bucky cringed at the clock on his wrist, ticking by each second noiselessly. Notes: tw: ptsd, unhealthy coping mechanisms, homelessness, etc. Warnings: A rather mean comment about a cat, smut, a little bit of fluff. Word Count: 834. They hid behind a kitchen counter in an abandoned building somewhere in Europe. Originally posted by everythingrelationshipsx. Warnings: Reader struggles with mental health, mention of past abuse, little space coping mechanism. Share a sticker and browse these related animated sticker searches. Embarrassed and ashamed, she still placed the berry in Bucky's palm. " i said. Last time - Wattpad The Distraction- Bucky Barnes x Reader - Marvel (-ous) DC Anxiety// Bucky Barnes x Reader One-Shot. Word Count: Lots of them. This was not what scared you however, it was the absence of blinding pain on your back that left a shudder deep at the base of your spine. Baby in the Tower (Bucky Barnes x fem!reader) 11. Warnings: mild swearing, drinking, sexual innuendo and themes. Prompt Just in case you're in the need for some good ole nightmare fuel these short scary stories will do just that. A/N: Thank you so much!! 🥺💖 I tried to write it so that it could be modern or 1920s. The latest GIFs for #bucky barnes x reader. The cold, jagged claws of grief scraped across your heart and plunged deep into your soul before ripping both to shreds. One night, Bucky accidentally scares (Y/N). Word Count: 2724. **** Bucky believes there are only a few things and people in his life worth protecting. The only peace and quiet he had immersed himself in were in Wakanda. Woman Like Me - Bucky Barnes x Reader"Summary: Bucky meets someone in Madripoor who reminds him of himself a long time ago" "Warning(s): language, bad writing lol" "Author's Note: this is my firstPlot: the Reader was a victim of a school shooting after which she became a ghost\reader and with the help of the Enchantress she makes it on to the squad and after helps to stop The Enchantress. Your father had abandoned you, and it seems every man that comes into both your lives ends up leaving which leaves you with trust issues. Bucky x reader Shots. Loki x reader: Choices Heartbreak Bucky Barnes X Reader Steve Rogers X Reader Before the snap life had been normal, well, as normal as the life of an ex-shield spy could be you supposed. You and Bucky have bee Don’t be scared of me ( Bucky x Reader) Hey, so I wrote this as my own continution of “Who do you think you are” by @imaginesoftheheart. Warnings: Language, Fluff. "I-I was so scared" She mumbled into his shoulder through her cries. I'm Scared To Lose You - Bucky Barnes x Reader Summary: Bucky thinks back to the old days and how much he appreciates you, but he always wonders in the back of his mind… will you always stay? Originally posted by sebastianruinedme He wasn't used to this. " he admitted softly, kissing your shoulder slowly. Excerpt: Blowing a sigh through your nose, you realize you probably should just leave it alone and not answer at all. Sans X Listener Undertale Comic Dub Compilation. Dangerous Love (Bucky x Reader) Words: 1200 You're not an avenger, you don't have any superpowers or cool abilities like Wanda or Vision, you're not even that strong, but SHIELD hired you for thePlease Stay (Bucky Barnes x reader)So no one requested this, but I had an idea. follow my lead [13] - bucky x reader. sans, fanf error sans x shy reader. Bucky grabs some gauze and wraps them around my bloody arm. Then here comes Bucky(Turkey belongs to Pinkrockcandy) (Art is mine~). 5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. Pairing: Bucky Barnes/black!Reader. Pairing Mafia Bucky x reader . Summary: You not feeling great about yourself when you and the team take a day trip to the beach but Buckys there to help. So, when he wakes up to see your bedside epmty, the nightmare feels all to real. With her powers now reveled to the Avengers, y/n is going to have to spend a lot more time with the one man she truly hates. It’s Not That Simple (Bucky x Reader) Request: Could you do a Bucky one shot where the reader is scared of commitment so she sleeps around with guys like one night stands but never actually goes on dates or wants to date a guy. Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader. Originally posted by 1038276637. You and the cast of Riverdale were at Comic Con for the weekend. I just love them (Steve and Bucky) behaving so sweetly and brotherly, which includes even the most annoying parts of the relationship. Author’s Note: This sucks really bad, but hey, I’m working on limited inspiration, here. Summary: Reader is poisoned on a mission leaving her with horrendous side effects that Bucky and Steve don't know how to handle. For Her A Killua X Reader 13 Part 1 148. Summary: You and your new friend Wanda are enjoying a day together at the Avengers Tower, her giving you a tour around the place when you both run into the infamous Bucky Barnes. Didn & # x27 ; d been missing him terribly Barnes rule iron. Bucky: Go on. A/N: short little blurb. To save his life, he is given away to the Roger’s family, towns away, to grow up without the weight of his existence on his shoulders, until the rise Bucky Barnes x reader - First time. 0 (Bucky x Hydra!Reader) part 2/4 part 1 part 3 part 4 The Avengers waited around for a while as the pod 'defrosted'-as Tony liked to put it. He works on cars and motorcycles, does the handiwork around your small apartment, he even fixed the neighbors broken wall after a moving mishap. ! The blankets bucky x reader baby crying regretting calling Bucky a machine, and Bucky settled on ether of. Each chapter will receive its own warning as not all parts will need the same warnings. Four Years and a Countdown. He watched as you fixed Ava’s hat while she laid in Sarah’s arms. Every step of your life was meticulously planned, and you truly feel the weight of the world on your shoulders. feedback and love would be Oct 21, 2017 · Sweet Dreams (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Word Count: 1,500+ Summary: Reader feels left out from the Avengers and Bucky helps her, then she helps Bucky. Nightmares- Bucky x Reader. I know impregnation kink is not uncommon with Bucky fics, but it is unusual or seems OOC for WS, so I challenged myself to come up with something. "I missed you too, baby. Summary: Mutual pining and an android wingman help Bucky and you to admit your true feelings during one of Tony Stark’s galas. Then, once you had some context of the situation, you were wary. Feb 26, 2018 · Bucky Barnes x Reader: Your Pain. Locked in a closet. Yandere dragon x reader tumblr Possessive bucky x reader lemon Possessive Crush X Reader Lemon Daddy Wattpad; Yandere Cross Sans X Smut And More — MY Nerd. Peter: Then the Prince would be Italian and eat her up. Word Count: 1. A/n : Here it is, the final chapter! Part 1 Part 2 Part 3. Word Count: 1277. And he loves working with his hands. This empowers people to learn from each other and to better understand the world. After reading Part 2 of that story I noticed that they quite simillar. She's all cute and stuff and wayy too innocent for someone of her age. May 30, 2021 · Bucky Barnes x reader. Requested by the lovely @nofutureforpast :) Hope you love this! . She was the worst she had ever been. Comfort (Bucky Barnes x reader) 21. 3 measly days until he would his ‘other-half’, ‘true love’, ‘betrothed’, or more commonly and popularly referred to as ‘soulmate’. I'd gotten out of my bed in the room next door Bucky Barnes x male reader. Summary: Mutual pining and an android wingman help Bucky and you to admit your true feelings during one of Tony Stark's galas. Characters: Bucky Barnes, The Winter Soldier. The impact made the walls vibrate loud enough to make you jump as you were just about to tie your hair up in a ponytail. He was still dressed in his black tactical outfit, the straps coating his chest, arms, and legs with their empty holsters and ammo clips. Hi, friends! "Oh, I don't know…I can't just come running every time you're scared," he told you, taking a brief pause before continuing, "I'm kidding, sweets. The fact that the books have still been relevant today despite facing tough competition from visual mediums still behoovesQuora is a place to gain and share knowledge. 2:22. Author notes : THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING THE FIRST FIC IM SO GLAD YOU GUYS ARE WILLINGLY SPENT YOUR PRECIOUS TIME FOR A SIMPLE May 11, 2016 · Are We There Yet? (Steve/Sam/Bucky x Reader) “No. She pulled her hand back and took a deep breath. This story scares me because this kind of thing does happen with "mountain tribes" who are either cannibalistic or crazy. She tried to convince herself to stop Pairing: biker!Bucky x reader Word Count: 4192 Summary: When Y/N's older brother Steve gets into a near fatal accident, she's the emergency contact. Sam takes notice of the love in Bucky’s eyes, “Congratulations, man. Series Masterlist. You had lost your cane. Chapter 1. You: What if Cinderella was a baking slave instead of a cleaning slave and her name was Mozzarella. Request: "Stucky x reader where on a mission, Y/N is poisoned and afterwards the effects kick in and she's faced with vivid hallucinations, weakness, hot flushes, fever— the works. Author: Cass. You and Bucky have beeBucky Barnes x reader. Reader tries to save face by not letting on how cold they are which ends in comforting fluff and a doting Bucky. You had smirked slyly, "I am not scared of anything, Bucky. aventualy he stoped crying and just hugged me tightly "you know you scared the crap out of me i thought you were gonna get heret youBucky x reader Warnings: mentions of killing, slight violence, slight fluff at the end, mental health issues sorta author: ficavengers (per usual) "Ready to comply. Fandom: MCU/Marvel Cinematic Universe Rating: General Word Count: 6. Bucky x fem!reader. #peter parker x reader #peter parker #spiderman #spider man x reader #parker #imagine #story #peter A Bucky x Reader One Shot. By. Read Now Follow. With Bucky Barnes. Warnings: a mix of fluff and angst, but mostly angst Prompt: "Love isn't perfect, and that's okay. (Inspiration and scenes from Captain America: The First Avenger). Your brain couldn't seem to shut up, and damn was it fucking with you. Hope you enjoy :) You felt a stir in the sheets, slowly opening your eyes, you find Bucky sitting up looking as if he had just run a marathon, out of breath, sweat dripping from his forehead. “ (Y/N), you didn’t even give me a chance to ask my question!” the man trailed behind you, flailing his arms behind you exasperatedly. so dont get too scared)(also itsSelect the best Epub reader platform for reading eBooks: Even in the advent of the digital age, books have still held a stronghold over entertainment, knowledge, and infotainment. " also tacking on a request bc it fits: @1dhomeskillet12 asks: Howdy! Can I please have a Bucky oneshot? Him and a non shield/enhanced reader are just kinda friends because even though they both feel the feelings for each other, they both have a hard time showing emotion. Sam: I'm cryinggg stop. Bucky x reader pregnant. You: Yo I have a theory. You go through different obstacles throughout this st Dec 03, 2021 · pairings: buckybucky barnes bucky barnes x reader bucky x reader vampire!bucky. Summary: Bucky and reader get stuck in a blizzard on the way back from the mission. Sex drive. Nov 22, 2021 · The Intimacy of Oranges (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Bucky has the most capable hands you’ve ever seen. The door swung open, and a body was shoved into the room, metal shackles holding their hands and feet together. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Nightmare | Bucky Barnes x reader Requested by anon / Summary: Bucky has a nightmare. For example you would find out that Steve returned from mission almost dead… orCole Sprouse x reader. Choices part 1 Part 2. But you can’t really blame him. Chapter 5. Summary: your with Bucky Barnes and he suffers from bad dreams. His life changed when he met you. As a result, this has no editing. Of course, you liked Bucky, how could you not, he was handsome and kind, and when he smiled, it made your heart leap. A/N: I really hope you like this one! Thank you for requesting, I hope it's what you wanted. A/n: i wrote this to feel better about myself so I hope it helps someone else who might need to hear this!the true heir* — he was scared so you broke him // sir!xu shangchi. i have covid! NYC has become a mess again and unfortunately i have the omicron variant. Sadly, you happen to bump into Bucky one night…. Literature Text. B. [MORE]]--Boyfriend + Reader platonic headcanons (+ Pico) Boyfriend x Reader who's not doing so great headcanons (TW: SHHi everyone Neko Ryn here! I hope you like it and have an awesome Thanksgiving! Don't eat to much and stay safe during Black Friday! Neko out!~ Also these stories that I will be dubbing was created by DJWinterWolf. But when he accidentally hurts you, even just slightly, during one of his fits, Bucky begins to think that maybe youwould be better off without him. "It's a girl. What It Takes (Bucky x Reader) warnings: DUB-CON (PLEASE DNI IF THIS OFFENDS YOU), mafia!Bucky, breeding kink summary: You left Bucky once you found out who he really is. summary: sam, tony and natasha decide to play a prank on bucky, knowing how much he loves his wife. Summary: Bucky joins the avengers and gets the old room of you with all the memories you left behind. She hazily blinked, looking to the man beside her. Mha X Child Listener Part 1. Fond of him. Safe (Bucky x Reader) Request: Hello :) Can you please do a Bucky Barnes imagine where the reader has a nightmare and the avengers try to calm her down but she refuses their help and begs for Bucky since he's the only one to make her feel calm/safe?Thank you so much! xx . The cold metal of Bucky's tags dug into your flesh as you clung to Satisfaction (Bucky x Reader) A/N: Hey guys!! I'm so sorry I took so long to post this, I was busy with my art and some other stuff haha Anyways, I still have one more smut fic to write, oh aren't you guys nasty lil' thangs Enjoy!!Pairings: Sam Wilson x Bucky Barnes Summary: Sam finally gets to see Bucky again, but not in the way he's hoped. AN: I woke up from a nap and was struck with sudden inspiration. Start now with a free trial. masterlist "Stevie?" Bucky's voice rang out through their shared apartment as he collapsed onto the The Baker - Alfie Solomons x Reader. Fandom: Avengers, captain America universe, Bucky Barnes. All you knew were two. But soon after, you were angry. We're getting through this together," (Y/N) answered. Give her a follow and check out her work. When he came back from a mission covered in blood, your heart ached. Maybe? It doesn't have to be really dirty, it can be soft!WS again but with reader playing with fire and him getting rough and scaring her but stopping himself because he loves her. Their fingers accidentally touched and the metal on metal clinked. But when they are told about the fight that was on it's way to them, they fear that life would be dusted away for good. | this has alternating povs, mostly bucky | readers backstory: you were an experiment for HYDRA, but they threw you out when they deemed you useless, so you've been wandering former soviet territory, constantly between live and death Midnight Confessions, Bucky x Reader. He slams on the gas and goes. Yandere, stalking/obsession, kidnapping) • You wereWords Hurt - Draco Malfoy x Reader Request: Draco and reader are together and she has a stammering problem and loves to talks a lot . Then she stops talking for a while cause she heard others talkingBucky x reader lemon toys. I would have rather stayed, I shouldn't have said yes to that mission. I'm having a heart sugery in a just a few hours and I'm damn scared. By WND Staff Published March 17, 2017 at 7:11pm. masterlist || part one. hc #12 || stucky x reader "i've got you' Y/N woke up to a jerk beside her. i'm back??? i know i know i know it's LITERALLY been almost 3 years since i've last posted an imagine…after i finish writing The Little One - Bucky Barnes x Reader. Words: 618 Warnings: Mention of nightmaresBucky needed help, your report could wait. Jealous eyes. The head-dress being put on on his head, inserting everything that held the power to remove everything that he knew, everything that made up the old Bucky Barnes, not the killer they made him. Originally posted by sexy-sebas. It took Barnes a couple of days to work up the courage to talk to you. Warning : None. "I need you to go right now. Don't be scared of me ( Bucky x Reader) Hey, so I wrote this as my own continution of "Who do you think you are" by @imaginesoftheheart. Right into Bucky. You stared at yourself in the mirror wondering if this was the best thing or worst thing you could be doing right now. Summary: Bucky has a nightmare about loosing you. WND news editors compile reports for our readers. Word count drabble. "I-I didn't want him to hurt anyone" · Scared Prompt: for a drabble idea maybe the reader could be trying to scare Steve or something and actually succeeds and he gets them back??A Small Predicament [Baby Genshin x Reader]"Characters: Scaramouche, Diluc, Kaeya, Childe, Xiao, Zhongli, Albedo" Synopsis: Cursed for a week, the boys either have to live with it or find a cure asThe world's largest digital library. You knew exactly what he wanted to ask and there was no way in hell you'd sit down and agree with him. Description: You’re an empath. Over the past four or five days you had been living off of nothing but an hour or two of sleep every day, you would toss and turn for a Oct 22, 2020 · Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Daughter!Reader / Child!reader Part 2 a/n: hey guys! this is my first time posting a fic (well actually posting anything in general) and im super nervous to post this so i apologize in advance if its bad :/. The one thing you thoughtBucky raised his metal hand and Y/N hadn't realized she had picked the strawberry with her right one, her new one. so yeah, it's angsty and it was inspired by the song Changes by XXXTENTACION so u can listen to that if u want idk y i k e s (this does have a happy ending tho. ". Pairings: Bucky x reader. I'm going to try and get out one a day for the next few weeks or so. Memories. Warnings: has the word arse in. You can also come talk to me, I know what you're going through. "I told you that I'm staying with you. A/N: I wrote this in like an hour, so it might not be the best. Word Count: 2,124. It's a platform to ask questions and connect with people who contribute unique insights and quality answers. pairing: bucky barnes x artist!female reader word count: 2. I'm Not Scared (Bucky x Reader). When you first touched Bucky, he flinched. Summary: being stuck in quarantine with Bucky seemed liked a nice idea, until he makes the suggestion the two of you could have sex since he has a lot to learn since the 1940s anyway. Ikaris x Female!Reader!!!!!MAJOR ETERNALS SPOILERS!!!! a/n: Of course all it takes to make me write is an attractive Eternal with major inner conflict, questionable morality and authority issuesA scared reader. Summary: you think by giving him his personal space might make you the best girlfriend but he might take it for granted . more distant, less affectionate, and definitely not normal. Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Steve Rogers x Reader. Watch. Word count: 3. You turned him on unknowingly You heard a door slam shut as fast as it got opened. A/N: This request is from @aavengingbucky. Warnings: angst, cheating. chapter 5. 1k. Words: No idea. Summary: (Y/N)'s mother decides to enroll her in a boarding school after being homeschooled her entire life. 15 Favourites. A guttural wail echoed through the room and scared you, only until you realized it had come from your owns lips. avengers, comfort, fluff. Bucky and you are in a…tight situation (I'm not even sorry for terrible puns YO…ALSO I JUST GOT 500 FOLLOWERS THIS IS AMAZING THANK YOU ALL…hope you'll enjoy this story) : You can find my masterlist here : @ella-ravenwood-archives Your face was squeezed against the Winter Soldier's chest, one of your leg was When I'm With You. 1k warnings: language, some angst if you squint, mention of a spoiler for episode 6 of TFATWS a/n: …. Bucky scared her less than the rest of them. 169 notes Jul 25th, 2021. Summary: Bucky takes you to his favourite spot he goes to when he's overwhelmed. Yandere!Ranboo x Reader [Headcanons](Request: Yandere ranboo headcanons ?) (We had Ranbob [my god it got popular fast] now it's time for Ranboo! Tw. Enjoy millions of eBooks, audiobooks, magazines, podcasts, sheet music, and documents. And you are at the top of his list. Lost | Bucky x f!reader. Ship: Bucky x Steve x Reader. Then u get Bucky who stumbles upon this cafe for a nice cuppa coffee, then when he sees her and talks to her he starts to think 'other' things. Oh god, oh god oh god oh god god god, you thought as you searched with your fingers over the ground. A/N: This story takes place after Winter Soldier, but before Civil War. There were no missions, no cities under Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier x Reader One Shots/Preferences. Friends. Worth the wait. Natasha: You are definitely Stark kid. tonystarkxreader, steverogersxreader, natasharomanSleep is for the Weak (Bucky Barnes x Reader) 1/2. A/N: This is pure self-indulgent fluff. 1 Comment. Pairing: Biker!Bucky x Teacher!Reader x Lawyer!Steve Summary: It's the beginning of summer and your boys decided to take you on a littleThe right ebook software will make reading on your desktop a pleasure with bookmarks, annotations and text-to-speech. Comment. ”. summary: bucky comes to your bookstore every day to ask you out, but you don't want to give in yet. COMPLETED. Pairing: Bucky Barnes X reader. Beaten down and depressed, he goes for a walk around the school, stopping to rest at an odd tapestry of trolls wearing tutus, and wishes more than anything for someone who believes in him. Summary - Reader has a bad nightmare where Bucky dies and it's her fault and has a slight panic attack and he comforts her. She requested mutual pining during a Stark gala with the rest of — PAIRINGS: Bucky Barnes x pregnant!Reader, Winter Soldier x pregnant!Reader — CONTENTS: exclusively fluff — WORD COUNT: ~900 — A/N: I'm working on a new story, but I want to keep posting for you guys, so have this cute little thing. You knew exactly what he wanted to ask and there was no way in hell you’d sit down and agree with him. You feel other people’s pain. Word Count: 1736. You seem to have a connection and history but now you are laying in coma and Bucky tries to save your life…. 10: oops i did it again Notes: pre-serum steve, flare-up, period-accurate medication, just a lil ficlet. I feel tears running down my face, and I feel my heart rate speed quickly. But none other than that. Bucky looks over at you, a soft smile on his face. 0 MILO Himiko Toga Anica Mori Harry Styles Justin polaco bieber Bluemon Yandere-kun Leonardo Ship: Bucky x Steve x Reader Summary: Reader is poisoned on a mission leaving her with horrendous side effects that Bucky and Steve don't know how· BotW Link x Abused!Reader. Even back with Steve, most of the team in one piece, and his mind reasonably trustworthy, nothing could be worse than this. 9k Pairing: Steve x Reader (one sided), Bucky x Reader Warnings: angst, angst with a happy ending, unrequited love, kinda implied age gap (reader is freshly out of college, Steve and Bucky are probably in their 30s, physically), probably a ton of grammar mistakes . Finally, after a few days, you became more rational and less cautious. Heavy is the head that wears the crown. Warnings: insecure reader, jealousy, miscommunication, curse words, angst, fluff, drunk readerpairing: bucky barnes x reader a/n: as much as i love daddy!bucky, i have a huge weak spot for dad!bucky word count: 720 ( i have no self control it's scary also does this still count as drabble?) warnings: none except a lil angst and more importantly lots of fluff! Bucky's heart melts the moment his eyes land on Grant decked out in his more than adorable Halloween costume. Ten Words (Bucky Barnes/Reader) "Get away from here," Bucky whispered to (Y/N). Also if you suffer from anxiety or any kind of mental issues, please contact a doctor or a therapist. Author notes : THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING THE FIRST FIC IM SO GLAD YOU GUYS ARE WILLINGLY SPENT YOUR PRECIOUS TIME FOR A SIMPLE Summary: When Bucky comes back from a mission with Natasha you can't help but think something has changed between you and start doubting if this relationship is something Bucky really wants. He can't bring himself to kill you-even if he's angry that you abandoned him and only now you finally recognized him

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