Accepting guest posts allows you to keep content flowing into your blog without having to spend hours writing articles by yourself or to pay freelance writers for it. Guest blogging sites (Blog submission sites) are those websites that accept articles from their users and publishes on their blog. Indeed, the purpose of natural referencing is to make your site's pages appear in Google's results so that people interested in the content of your site can easily find you. Digital Marketing Blogs That Accepting Guest Posts. We do accept guest posts, but our guidelines are very strict! Let’s be honest, most will send us a junk article, and 9 out of 10 times their article/content is trashed before it goes live. Our research team has scoured the internet to find the best casino guest post sites. Dec 26, 2021 · A good portion of guest post writers do not really care about quality, and quality is very important if we want search engines to take our site seriously. And, thank you for perusing my simplified method of accepting and handling guest posts. 1. You can submit your article for guest post-technology niche to get it published. health “accepting guest posts” healthcare “write for us” “medical blog” + “write for us” After you or your fellow writers have found us and you are interested in writing for us, make sure your contents are aligned to the topics that we prefer. To make it easy for you, I have already compiled a list of blogs that do. Here's your list. The better your relationship with blog editors, the better your odds of getting your guest posts published and promoted. Free list of sites that accept guest posts. Travel blogs accepting guest posts. To find them, simply look for “websites that accept guest posts” on Google + your industry. There’s a lot of pros to accepting guest posts: Gain fresh content to fill your blog. Jun 07, 2021 · Welcome to the ultimate roundup of blogs which accept guest posts with 6000+ guest post opportunities plus a step by step guide for manual guest post outreach. keyword "submit a guest post" keyword "guest post" keyword "guest post by" keyword "accepting guest posts" keyword "guest post guidelines" How To Find Guest Post. If a link in the article is off topic, the quality of the linking site (i. You can reach out about a guest post at the link above. While guest posting may seem like extra work, it can certainly be worth it. 30. Yes! Our team collected some of the best 100% working instant approval Guest blogging sites for the health care niche which can boost your Off-page SEO probably your List of 200+ Websites & Blogs That Accept Guest Posts In 2021. Gain Popularity and Traffic. 1× DA 30+ Guestpost. Guest posting is an opportunity to increase traffic, grow your online audience, target new audience and build a relationship with other influencers. The two main motivations of each of these groups are exposure and links. 5. Another major player now accepting Bitcoin is Wikipedia - readers can donate to the online encyclopedia using Bitcoin, among other more conventional payment methods. And if we both can benefit from it, why not? I know there are a lot of blogs that accept guest posts so why submit a guest blog post to me?Many bloggers tend to accept guest posts since the initial goal is only traffic. Use this list of 25+ high DA sites that accept guest posts to boost your search rankings and get more traffic and sales. Note: If you’d like to see more blogs that accept guest posts, be sure to check out our definitive list of blogs that accept guest posts — it includes over 500 blogs in more than 20 categories. I hadn’t anything against it before, in fact I did publish a few guest posts in the previous months, sort of testing it, that made me change my position towards accepting guest posts, but now I can say I embrace this idea and collaboration concept. inpostauthor:”guest blog” keyword. Are you looking for guest post opportunities? We'd be happy to check out your ideas and content. Studies have shown that longer posts that are at least 1500 words or longer take over the first position more often. Requirements: Content should be unique and High quality. Jan 24, 2022 · The online gambling world is constantly evolving, with new casinos popping up every week. For 3 years of working as a Link Builder of different niches, I have collected more than 500 travel websites that are accepting guest post. If you are a health blogger and looking to submit a guest posts on health, beauty & fitness related topics, then this is the perfect place for you. This will give maximum valuation to your content. 40 Marketing Blogs That Accept Guest Posts. Should you accept guest posting on your website or not? If you don't know the exact reaon then this article is here to help you out. keyword “submit a guest post” keyword “guest post” keyword “guest post by” keyword “accepting guest posts” keyword “guest post guidelines” How To Find Guest Post. You can easily find blogs that accept guest post by typing these search queries: Your Niche + "Write For Us" Your Niche + "Guest Post Guidelines"Category #11 Celebrity Blogs That Accept Guest Posts. To increase your chances of getting published on our blog, ensure that your contribution, Is a relevant, well-researched post (preferably 1000+ words) with actionable tips. 11. This keeps them interested in your site and regular visitor to your blog. com/, 39, Yes ; https://goodnoon. We Accept Guest Posts. For the first time, we have a chance to offer our readers a list of websites that accept guest posts on their blogs. The reason being the very low quality of the submitted content and the increased workload with handling the correspondance - we are simply not interested anymore. Oct 06, 2018 · 40 Marketing Blogs That Accept Guest Posts Guest posting is an opportunity to increase traffic, grow your online audience, target new audience and build a relationship with other influencers. A preview of Google results for “websites that accept guest posts online marketing”. It's an in-depth piece on a specific topic, one that doesn't have broad appeal. A newer blog could still be of high quality; don’t focus exclusively on this number. All the stories published here are featured on our Homepage & Social Media Channels. Yes, personal finance submit guest post can be best to improve the ranking of financial websites. Gigot 4. We only accept relevant content regarding digital One of the most common reasons for rejecting guest post requests is generic email templates. There are some hot topics that need to be covered at TechBii. The following list contains blogs in Blogging, SEO Accepting guest posts is a great way to grow your blog without having to do a ton of work. Guest post guidelines: Your post must be unique and original. 2. If you are a beginner, start with the free guest posting sites list available online to get a hang of how it works. 144# Well-beingsecrets. Oct 21, 2021 · The site doesn’t accept guest posts unless you get to know the owner, who says “ I’m easy to get to know. Tag Archives: accepting guest posts. Jul 23, 2019 · Authority blogs that accept guest posts and are indistinguishable from a normal website that’s all written by the same person/team The last two options (authority blogs) have the greatest benefit for helping sites to rankand are the ones that we most often use . Travel Guest Post, travel write for us, Guest blogging, or guest posting or accepting visitor posts is the work of writing an article for one more journey website or a blog. Jul 15, 2014 · We have a big announcement to make. You have to know where you want to guest post before you start reaching out to people. So, you might want to keep an eye on their policies every time you apply for a guest post. I know many sites do accept guest posts, collaborations, or even sponsored posts, but Ask Leo! does not. Simply put, guest posting involves writing and publishing articles for other etc, to get the list of websites that accept guest posting. We want to create the most thorough articles for our readers. Accepting limited FREE guest post on - DA: 25, PA: 27. 22. Keyword "guest post by" Keyword "accepting guest posts" Keyword "guest post guidelines" Keyword "guest author" Keyword "guest article" Keyword "guest column" Keyword "become a contributor" inpostauthor:guest keyword. $ 1334. You only need to know the topics that you like writing about and go to the blog that specializes in that. Letters of accepting invitation are written in reply to invitations either in formal or informal style. Jun 28, 2018 · For 3 years of working as a Link Builder of different niches, I have collected more than 500 travel websites that are accepting guest post. 3. Before you accept that seemingly perfect job offer, make sure you are fully aware of all the short-term and long-term benefits. Category. Here we have to manage the list of some best technology guest posting sites that accept content, that you can use to boost traffic on your website. There is a right way to compose and send a guest-post or guest-article pitch, and there is a wrong way. We don’t accept all guest post submissions. Here they only accept guest posts in various topics like email marketing, digital marketing, marketing and eCommerce trend, content marketing, and small business management and growth. Out of Town Blog regularly receive invitations for familiarization trips, hotel health “accepting guest posts” healthcare “write for us” “medical blog” + “write for us” After you or your fellow writers have found us and you are interested in writing for us, make sure your contents are aligned to the topics that we prefer. You have to open every single one and use advanced search strings to see if they are interested in publishing your article or not. I decided, finally, to accept guest posting on my blog. Harvard Medical School CME Online is a “learning center for postgraduate online medical education. Here I list three mommy blogs that accept guest posts. Also I have listed food blogs which accept guest posts here. inpostauthor:"guest blog" keyword. Cutts is warning people who accept guest blog posts, or those who do a lot of guest blogging, that they might find themselves with a spam 2017. We accept guest posts that add value to our readers. Sep 05, 2021 · This Guest Posting Sites List has over 200 high-quality websites or blogs that accept guest posts. If you want to get started on writing for pet blogs, we have put together a list. If you don’t add the link naturally, the website owners won’t allow it. Here you can submit your guest posts in business, investments and technology niche. Your name as an author would be published; Guest Post Submission Guidelines. Ryan. Submit Your Guest Post: What You Need to Know Before You Write for Us. On the plus side, you get to publish free content that you don’t have to write which can increase the number of articles on your blog and increase your traffic. Unfortunately, there is only so much time in a day to imagine up and write blog posts. Nov 02, 2017 · Check guest blog post guidelines before republishing. One proven means for getting your […] Aug 30, 2018 · So if you want a high percentage of bloggers to accept your guest posts, you need to focus on quality over quantity. com. Feb 18, 2021 · So, as per the query on Google’s “health accepting guest posts” “health guest post” “health + guest post submission” from readers, I am sharing authority health blogs that accept guest posts. Guest blogging is the only way to promote websites organically without compromising SEO. One thing that makes guest blogging successful is Research. The company started accepting Bitcoin back in 2014, and Bill Gates himself is said to be a big fan of digital currencies. Paid guest posts mean that you write for a blog, and the blogger will pay you by allowing you to contribute content to their websites. Tech Blogs That Accept Guest Posts: 6. It must include the use of video. Your post must be over 1200 words and you can include backlinks to your own site. Jul 24, 2020 · Best Business Blogs That Accept Guest Posts. There are several sites, either paid blogging sites or others that accept free blog posts. On that same note, guest blogging has so many benefits because you get to show a new audience the kind of awesome content you’re capable of writing, not to slip in a link and hope to get hundreds of subscribers. Just like that. There are some major collections of 2015. Guest Blogging Guidelines. Guest Blogger Guidelines. Sponsored Posts. 2020. Make Your Post At Least 800 Words. 16. We only accept guest posts that have at least 2000 words in them. After the new page rank update I have been receiving a lot of queries regarding guest posts. Heidi Cohen's Actionable Marketing Guide does NOT accept: Guest post requests. Oct 26, 2019 · The result is a list of sites that accept guest posts. Articles should be original – Make sure that the guest blog post is 100% unique to your site. 2021. To generate quality links to your site, you can It is a good idea to accept guest posts only from certain categories to maintain the quality. I personally don't like the idea of accepting guest posts because it kills the purpose of "personal" in " personal blog ". Let's use content marketing to improve SEO2013. I would be happy to accept your guest post. Maybe it’s someone you met at a conference and they decided to offer your blog great content—someone you know in real life, or someone you actually have a Dec 09, 2020 · Well, that is not true. Nov 06, 2017 · You can gain more backlinks and exposure for your website through guest posting. If your article is 2,000 words, that's even better. In case you are a company and have nodoby to write your articles, I will write them for you in the form of collaborative posts. Almost guest blogging offers the identical advantages for both the guest blogger and guest poster, One get content material, and another one is getting backlinks and new Also, Read: Top 25 Travel Blogs That Accept Guest Posts. Free Guest Post Websites. You want your writing to overcome any objections she may have about accepting your content. List of Websites Accepting Guest Post. 12. Other accepted topics as of right now are Online Reviews and Reputation Management, Chatbots, and Dropshipping. hubspot. You can easily find blogs that accept guest post by typing these search queries: Your Niche + “Write For Us” Your Niche + “Guest Post Guidelines” Nov 11, 2020 · Register with a guest posting service, confirm the site ownership, claim your price, state the industry, and start accepting guest posts. After getting knowledge about categories, you saved my time and efforts. Nov 18, 2021 · We are accepting guest posts with DoFollow links. If your post gets accepted, you want to ensure that it does well. Accepting guest posts for your blog is a great way to engage your audience with unique content. Step 3. 14. Accepting pitches, selecting a good one, editing and publishing the post — it all can take a lot of time. This list is more for those who have an in-depth knowledge and experience in either digital marketing, social media, content marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO) or search engine marketing (SEM). #1 Write For Us Fashion Blogs that accept Guest Posts 2020 Fashion Blog (Google PR 4 – DA 33 – PA – 43) – Which post a quality articles on all niche of lifestyle like Fashion, Beauty, Health, Makeup, Tips-Tricks, Products Reviews and many more interesting topics related to Fashion World. Get featured, boost website traffic, and gain social proof. 4. net/travel Note- We are not accepting Free Guest Posts at the moment. Jan 18, 2022 · Guest blogging has increased in significance since Google expanded the estimation of unique content after some time. Guest posting or guest blogging seems very much in vogue these days. If you’re a new travel blogger trying to gain some recognition or build up your backlinks, a good way to get started is by guest posting on more established sites. inpostauthor:guest keyword. What you get When you contact me, you can get at least one or all of them: Getting traffic to your website Building backlinks to your website Building your writing Dec 26, 2021 · A good portion of guest post writers do not really care about quality, and quality is very important if we want search engines to take our site seriously. Mar 10, 2020 · Blogging and Marketing Blogs That Accept Guest Posts: 2. I'll focus on a few below. We are in the digital age, and your website is your business!Find full list of guest blogging sites that are open for accepting guest posts for their websites. 9. Foods from Africa is where you need to be. Advantages of Guest Blogging: 7. I personally don’t like the idea of accepting guest posts because it kills the purpose of “personal” in “ personal blog ”. Thus, our guest writer, Rachael Pace came up with 15 high-quality websites that accept guest posts about relationships, sex, and marriage 2018. A recent guest post on MyBlogGuest and the comments in it explain why some feel bloggers The list of blogs that accept guest posts. Apr 23, 2020 · Usually, guest post approving sites change the subjects based on the latest trends, flow, traffic interest, etc. Sorted by website type to help you identify relevant websites for your content, our list is your ultimate resource for finding the health websites looking for contributors. 3 Updated 10 hours ago. But if you really want to knock our socks off, make sure your post/article is 1500 words. Create more content. It should be high in domain authority (DA). However, despite the many other benefits of guest posting, such as regular content, opening your blog to a wider audience, and helping you to build relationships with others within the industry, accepting guest posts can also have its downsides if certain rules aren't adhered to. See Set up secure collaboration with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams. That's why we sometimes miss Jun 30, 2020 · If you’re a website publisher who is accepting guest posts, create guest post guidelines that meet Google Webmaster Guidelines. Its global ranking is 152. We do accept guest posts, but our guidelines are very strict! Let's be honest, most will send us a junk article, and 9 out of 10 times their article/content is trashed before it goes live. Oct 05, 2019 · Group D: Guest blogging opportunities for Technical products and web design services. Use the form below to pitch your proposed article. “Blogs that Accept Guest Bloggers” “Blogs Accepting Guest Posts” Guest Post Accepting Blogs – Travel Guest Blogging Sites. Don’t miss this opportunity. Your Keyword "guest Travel Guest Post, journey write for us, Guest blogging, or guest posting or accepting guest posts is the work of writing an article for one more travel web site or a weblog. Getting your post on a high-traffic site one thing. Jul 12, 2017 · This post lists food blogs and magazines that accept guest posts. Submit. Google Search - This is the best method to find highly-powered sites that accept guest posts. Apr 08, 2010 · After the new page rank update I have been receiving a lot of queries regarding guest posts. Looking for the best blogs that accept guest posts? Guest blogging is one of the most effective ways to grow your own blog, generate quality backlinks and build relationships with bloggers – and these are just some of the reasons why you definitely should be guest posting. If you do some digging, this can lead you to smaller publications with loyal followings where you’ll face less competition as a first-time guest blogger. com · 2# BodrumPeninsulaTravelGuide. write for us “Business” write for us “SEO” write Have an idea for a Real Estate Guest Post? We accept guest posts however we have some detailed requirements that you would need to meet. We accept only posts which have never been Dec 26, 2021 · A good portion of guest post writers do not really care about quality, and quality is very important if we want search engines to take our site seriously. Basic Guest Post Submission Requirements: Your guest article should not be posted anywhere else. If you plan on getting started with guest posting in South Africa and want to get reach out to South African sites accepting guest posts. But finding the right sites to guest post on, and who to submit your content to can be tricky Oct 09, 2014 · Education Blogs That Accept Guest Posts •ASCD. We do not accept link to content or promoting of adult websites for guest posting, including gambling content, and anything that relates to hacking. One of the keys to improving your online footprint is finding business blogs that accept guest posts. Blogging is as interactive a world as any other medium, and it is something that is really changing the way that we communicate and make connections. When you first started affiliate marketing, you may have never dreamed of featuring other writers on your site. Feb 24, 2021 · Now Accepting Guest Posts. Glad you are taking that advantage!It’s true, many people don’t think about guest posting as a marketing tactic, but it’s a great one. Cybers Guards are now accepting guest posts, but we are very specific about the types of posts that we accept. Now I am happy to inform that techlineinfo is now accepting guest posts. Start a list of the blogs you’re interested in guest posting for. In fact, the Kitchn is handled by a diverse team of editors, writers, recipe developers, and photographers. How do you find a blog that accepts guest posts?Biggest advantage of accepting guest posts · Helps prevent content lapses · Adds new perspectives to your blog, deepening people's trust in you · Adds value to 2020. Blog Value attracts guest bloggers · 2. What is guest post and its way to do so. Please make sure your article follows these guidelines before contacting me! Articles must be original and unpublished. After all, you don’t need 150 random blogs that accept guest posts… you just need one high quality blog to start with, and you can progress from there. Incomplete details are like half-cooked food; no one loves incomplete articles. 2016. Look for blogs that accept guest posts, but are also a good fit for your strategy and goals. Mar 11, 2020 · Political Blogs That Accept Guest Posts 01/05/2020 Ways to Build Backlinks to Your Website for Free in 2020 01/05/2020 Music and Entertainment Blogs That Accept Guest Posts 30/04/2020 Aug 26, 2020 · As soon as you open your doors to guest articles, you’ll be on the hook for corresponding with authors on potential topics, reviewing posts that are submitted to you and coordinating any necessary changes to ensure that the articles you accept meet your stringent quality guidelines. Before getting to the Guest Posting Sites List With DA less than 50, let's first talk about what is "Guest Post" and How you can search Guest Posts on Google. Ready to blog? Blogging can help you build brand awareness, become aGuest posting (or guest posts) is the act of publishing an article on the website of another. You'll also need to include at least two backlinks to existing pages or posts on the ShoreAgents site. 28. Scrape Websites Accepting Guest Posts. Jun 25, 2015 · Here is the ultimate list of popular blogs across different niche’s that accept guest posts. Mar 10, 2014 · If the post and link does not meet that criteria, and you still want to link to it, make it a no follow link. 8. 300+ Fitness and Health Accepting Guest Posts Sites List Updated Guest posts with nofollow links and author boxes can still benefit your site and also rankings, it's simply not the perfect that you need to be searching for. We are currently accepting guest posts and any other form of publication which is relevant to our audience. 6. Feel free to check them out, share them with friends and comment on this article. "real estate blog guest post". Here at Liahona, we are looking for original articles written We will not accept any article that reads like it was thrown together and lacks a cohesive message. The Write Practice · 3. So, keep this in mind. This way, you will be protected if guest blogger comments violate or violate your company values. Once we accept your submission and it is published on our site, you cannot Now Accepting Guest Posts. 29. Contents hide. Our guest posts are 100% white label and organic. You will pay money for guest posting to help bloggers drive additional traffic to your sales page/ website. com 147# Dozmia Blog 148# Luxurytravel. We only accept guest posts with original content and reserve the right to reject any post not deemed Nov 18, 2021 · Here are five guest posting best practices to incorporate into your content marketing strategy. First, you have to identify guest post websites and prepare a guest posting list to save time. Top 101 Marketing blogs that accept guest posts. Most publications let you add any link you want in your bio and some also allow you to add a few of links of your choosing within the actual blog post. Accepting guest posts can be beneficial on many levels: [Diversity]: This may bring some fun and diversity to your blogging schedule: variety in style, topics and opinions. Ending Up Accepting guest posts is beneficial for your blog and guest blogger as well. Pet Rescue Blog ahrefs Authority. List of Guest Blogging Sites (140+ best sites) That should keep you busy for a while 🙂 Feb 25, 2020 · By. April 3, 2019. Look for sites that: Therefore, the best solution in this context is to share your blog on guest blogging sites, where you can reach an in-built readership of millions. If you'd like to write for us, we welcome submissions from strong writers who produce content relevant to our customers. Automotive blog guest posting is the process of writing contentWe accept guest posts for different categoriesCategories For Accept PostsHealthWellnessFitnessTechnology (Gadgets, Mobile, Laptop, Review, Website, UnboxingPosts about guest posting written by Gabriella Galea. All These sites are high DA and DR sites that help to rank and boost your We Accept Guest Posts. • Many stopped accepting guest posts totally - why? Was guest blogging the reason for the Some of these blogs do have affiliation with authors who regularly contribute posts to their sites leaving oneWhy do Guest posting or Guest Blogging? If you want to increase traffic on your new blog, then you How to Find Sites Accepting Guest Posts and Outside Contributors. You will learn about guest posts and the difference between guest posts and articles. Start a list of the blogs you're interested in guest posting for. Apr 06, 2020 · Finance websites that accept guest posts: Bank Foreclosure Sale. . Jun 07, 2017 · Guest post in 2020: 450 sites that accept guest posts in 20 categories. Dec 19, 2021 · Should I accept guest posts on my blog? There are pros and cons to accepting guest posts on your blog. Write for us. So if you have custom tools for writing posts, those contributors will have access. Guest Posting is an excellent opportunity to improve your online footprint. Write for us; Search. Guest posting not only gives you the opportunity to create valuable back-links, it can also give you and your business greater exposure and build your reputation, thereby improving your overall digital marketing presence. A few medical websites that accept blog posts include The Blogging Doctors , The Dental Geek , and Orca Health . · If you're List of Blogs that allow guest posting: ; 91, HubSpot, blog. Link building and guest posting can be difficult, you need to write content, contact bloggers and pitch your content, here are over 100 of the top digital marketing blogs that accept guest posts. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to become a The Small Businesses Do It Better blog does accept guest posts. If the guest post reads like an ad, there is no reason why we should promote your product. It doesn't hurt to name drop as well. Now Accepting Guest Posts. com accept guest posts. Keep In Original · Step 2021. Guest posters will share their content when it's published and will subsequently promote your blog. For those interested, I accept guest posts on my blog. a guest posting is the practice of contributing an article to another relevant blog and website in order to build authority, exposure, link-building and relationships. We are all about growing the small business community and raising awareness for small businesses – which is why we love publishing your articles! If you would like to submit a guest post, please read through the guidelines and follow the directions on this page. Mogul Mom is a site that accepts guest posts. The topic must be SEO-related. 3K organic traffic from google search. There are several Quality Blogs That Accepts Guest Posts to their websites. But the first step is to find a site that accepts guest posts. Mar 18, 2020 · The above given is a descriptive list of those websites that are accepting the guest posts in the parenting niche. Each post type has its own content posting guidelines. Read at least ten of them. List of 350 free guest posting sites for 2022 (With Ahrefs Rank & DR) Here is the ultimate list of popular blogs across different niche's that accept guest posts. If you interested in mentioning your blog/site that accept guest blogs, feel free to reach If you can validate your credibility as an effective writer, editors and blog owners will feel more comfortable in accepting your guest post

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